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Couple, Handcuffed To One Another For 123 Days, Splits Up Immediately After Cutting Chain

They must have discovered that they were unbelievably incompatible while forced to stay together ‘in chains’. But that was it, once the chain was cut off, so was the relationship too.

“Till death do us part”, that is the vow that couples make to each other. To be by each other’s side in sickness and in health, in highs and lows, and now, through pandemics and vaccinations. But a Ukrainian couple decided to take these promises a notch higher. They decided to be by each other’s side not only through sickness and health but through the morning makeup sessions, bathroom breaks, outfit changes and grocery shopping trips as well. But how, you ask? They stayed handcuffed to each other for a record-breaking 123 days in a row.

On Valentine’s Day earlier this year, 33-year old online car salesman Alexander “Sasha” Kudlay, and 29-year old beautician Viktoria “Vika” Pustovitova, from Kharkiv in Ukraine, made news by deciding to chain themselves to one another as a form of “experiment” to help fix the problem of their recurrent breakups.

On June 17, 2021, they had the chainlinks cut from their wrists and decided to part ways, breaking up after a long 123 days of staying chained to one another and being by each other’s side at every moment of every day. Giant chain cutters at the Unity Monument in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv finally freed them of each other in a ceremonious chain-cutting ceremony in the presence of the press.

According to the Mirror, Viktoria shouted “hooray” after the chains were cut, adding that she is finally free.

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This experiment and the consequent loss of their own private space was reportedly the reason behind the cancellation of their wedding plans as well. “Thank you all for supporting us. Look, we are now at a distance from each other. We were happy, and we are now happy to have had this experience in our lives,” Alexander said, according to a report in the Daily Mail.


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