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Coronation of New Igwe COOU, Nnanyelugo the 7th



Written by Vanessa Igboanugo

Thursday, May 4th was a traditionally colourful Day in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Igbariam campus as the institution witnessed the coronation of a new Igwe COOU,HRH, Igwe Innocent Ibemesi (Aka Ekpuchi Onwa 1) Nnanyelugo the 7th of COOU. The new Igwe whose coronation took place during the offala festival of the institution is a 300 level student of Psychology department. Igwe Ibemesi who is now the Gburugburu COOU is said to have made history as the first person from Omambala region of the Anambra State to become an Igwe COOU since the inception of the Nze na Ozo society in the University. The event was attended by all departmental Igwes and members of the Nze na Ozo society.

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  1. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella Number:21

    Wishing you congratulations, may God grant you knowledge and wisdom to rule well
    Group 15A

  2. It is uplifting to know that culture and tradition are still practicable in institutions.Congratulations Igwe

  3. Okonkwo chukwu nonso (Q2) 2016045090

    Congratulation to the new coou igwe, HRH igwe innocent ibemesi at your coronation as the new igwe , i wish you the best of luck through out your stay as the igwe of coou

  4. Dumaka Francis U

    HRM Igwe Innocent Ibemesi(Aka Epkuchi Onwa)Nnanyelugo the 7th of COOU is an outstanding leader,he is the traditional prime minister of his department (Psychology) also due to his leadership charisma he was crowned the traditional prime minister of Omambala Students Association as the AKA EKPUCHI ONWA 1 OF OMAMBALA,taking it home he is the present chairman of NKWELLE EZUNAKA YOUTHS ASSOCIATION (NEYA).
    DENCO GENERAL(G) as fondly called as a born leader has handled so many leadership positions but within and outside the state and Nigeria at large and this made him triumph victoriously among his fellow contestant(s) for the Igweship position.
    Record has been broken and history made as you emerge the first Igwe from Omambala region of Anambra State and I pray that God will guide and protect you and your throne also furnish you with wisdom to lead and not to rule all through your service to this royal call in Jesus name Iseeeeeeee!!!!!!!
    Congrats Igwe,Congrats brother..

  5. Cultural day, indeed a remarkable day in school were the “omena’ala” is observed and students once again reminded of their traditional roots so as not to fade away (1)

  6. i also had the opportunity to witness its a little nd its was amazing with the whole traditional thing.(27)

  7. its really the whole traditional things can still be 15 no 6

  8. It is uplifting and encouraging to know that institutions and masses as well..still find culture/Tradition still practicable.Congratulations Igwe.
    Group: 15
    Quiz number:20

  9. Congratulation Igwe on the success of ur ceremony

  10. congrat to the new igwe of coou we ask for wisdom to rule well.(09)

  11. Congratulations, on ur achievement it’s not easy keep it up and keep being u. And ur good work

    Quiz number :(18)
    Group 15 A

  12. Congratulations on your achievement
    Quiz number :(16)
    Group number :15 A

  13. Aguinam-Ojukwu Faustina

    Congratulations.. I pray God grants you the strength to carry on in life(23)


  15. congrats igwe aka ekpuchi onwa of Coou at least this shows that our youths still practice our tradition and culture.

  16. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    It is really an exciting moment for the great COOU And a great achievement for we all in keeping our amazing cutural activities in practice…long live our great institution and a big congrats to the new Igwe.
    group :15A
    quiz no: 31

  17. congrate igwe innocent. it is good to know that universities still hold cultural Day.

  18. congrats,this shows that cultural activities are still vital in our society

  19. congrats, this shows that cultural activities are still vital in our society

  20. congrats igwe aka ekpuchi onwa at least this shows that our youths still practice our traditions and culture.

  21. am happy to know that our culture are still practiced in universities…. congrats igwe coou
    congrats aka epkuchi onwa 1

  22. Onye chukwu mere eze no man can bring him down… Congratulations to you Igwe Innocent Ibemesi. you deserve the best

  23. congratulation Mr, IBEMESI on ur coronation day…it shall be well wit u $ entire coou family(lagos group 15b) Emeka james

  24. All hail EKPUCHI ONWA1, the recent gburuburu of Coou.

  25. (29) group 15a David omeniho

  26. May God give you wisdom and knowledge just as he has given Solomon to rule your people…congrats

  27. Congratulations to the new Coou igwe.May God protect and be with you as you lead the Coou Family.

  28. congratulation HRH igwe innocent ibemesi i am happy for u bravo
    quiz no (21)
    group no (15b)

  29. Benjamin David

    congrats to the new igwe…we hope u do wat ur post is meant for

  30. Congrats to our new IGWE
    May almighty God give u wisdom n knowledge to rule

  31. Akukalia Louis

    want to congratulate the new Igwe and his cabinet members of the university for a nice and good coronation on that day ,I pray that they will lead well on their reign and also it is a good thing that a cultural day is a remarkable day in the school which at least u know the tradition and omenala at large…..
    group 15 A

  32. Am so glad that culture practices is still taken in the institution .

    congratulation sir
    May guide you as you rule.

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