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COOU Administrators Brainstorm to Improve Quality

Administrators at the event

Academic Administrators of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) met in Awka last week to discuss strategies on how to improve the quality of education offered in by institution. The administrators are made up of all principal officers in the university, Heads of Department, Deans of Faculty, Directors and Coordinators of Programmes. This was a retreat aimed at repositioning the academic standard of the ongoing transformation in the University system.

Speaking at the event, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Fidelis Okafor, pointed out several areas the university has done well in the past five years, and further urged academic administrators of COOU to come up with new strategies for management action to drive improvements in teaching and research in order to make the institution more visible in the global academic community.

In his opening remarks, the Director of Academic Standards and Quality Assurance, Prof. Ellis Idemobi, said the focus of the retreat was to generate innovative insights into the kind of changes necessary to move the university forward. Prof. Idemobi who was the organizer of the programme, called for vibrant contributions from the administration with a view to coming up with strategies to move the university forward.

Prof. Okafor speaking at the event



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  1. Dumaka Francis U

    That’s a good step,our lecturers as well should organise such retreat as to improve in their teaching skills,approaches and pedagogy… this would help improve the quality of education, also let all lecturers acquire a B.Ed as a qualification,been intelligent is a different thing then passing across the knowledge is a different thing totally,this is one of the major problems that affects our academic network.

  2. Akukalia Louis

    the vc of coou I a good man indeed and wanna say that as he is looking up for the betterment of our campus that d good lord will give him more strength and wisdom for a good service in d campus…. (13)

  3. such a nice move… VC of Coou is the best. Thank you very much sir for your wonderful work …

  4. We the students of coou, are more than greatfull to have such a VC. like you we say thanks for your efforts to us and ur wonderful work to us we appreciate so much.
    Quiz number:18
    Group number:(15 A)

  5. Okonkwo chukwunonso victor

    That is nice step in improve the quality of education in coou thank God we have a good and nice vice chancellor ,who care for the student welfare and for sight good things for our university . I wish all the idea that was said in the retreat would be put in practices but Dean, head of department.

  6. the able vc of coou,you are the best thank you very much sir

  7. This wonderful, I must say I feel ecstatic that The management put us and our concerns as their top priorities.

  8. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    the vc is a very thoughtful person. I believe that this meeting will go a long way in improving our standard of education.
    group no:15A
    quiz no:31

  9. it gladdens the heart of students to know our administrators have us at heart… May God help them achieve their good goals towards us

  10. This will move coou to greater levels

  11. Coou would soon be one of the best institution in Nigeria

  12. wow, that’s a good decision they have taken

  13. this will improve coou. .and soon likely to be the best university (08).group 15 a..

  14. This is a very good step.

    A wise decision too.

    May God help our academic administrators achieve their goals.

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