Monday , October 2 2023

Comrade Agazie Set to Overtake Opponents in SUG Presidential Election

The Students Union Government (SUG) Presidential election in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) is around the corner, with a formidable candidate, Comrade Bonaventure Tochukwu Agazie, eme rging from the Department of Mass Communication.

Comrade Agazie is believed to be the most promising candidate, likely going to clinch the position in view of his gentility, humility, and humanitarian activities.

Comrade Agazie is well known for his humility and meekness in the university and above all, he stands for justice everywhere he goes. He is God fearing as shown in his attitude as he was made a catechist in his first year in the university.

Though Comrade Agazie’s likely opponents are also strong in various ways, he is believe to be the candidate to beat in the upcoming SUG presidential election.

The department of Mass Communication is known for producing SUG officials, including former President, Comrade Casmir Obiakor.

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  1. Ukaegbu callistus

    It is no longer a rumor but a legacy that the department of mass communication in coou always produce the best for the students union government… Lets all hands be on deck for the betterment of sug.. Vote Agazie the peoples choice

  2. Great work Dr. you are indeed a living legend whose achievements will be told for centuries.


    ur dept produced two students in the present SUG executive ONE of them is the most inactive ‘nominal’ member, ur generalization should be based on facts not assumptions.

    and all hands should be on deck for the FSS goal of bringing back the glory home and not fronting an unwilling candidate. COOU needs effective, vibrant intelligent leaders
    @callysolo u still na boss kwa



  5. Chukwurah chinwike

    I believe Agazie will be better than others and
    Comrade Agazie is Someone you can trust(49)

  6. Chidume happiness. c

    Comrade is the rightfully candidate in coou sug Presidential election he is truthfulness, honest, humble. Comrade is qualified as the main candidate for the position of presidential seat in coou election. (108)

  7. Chukwurah chinwike

    I believe Agazie will b better than the others,Comrade Agazie is someone you can trust(grp 4)49

  8. Bonaventure Agazie is indeed a man of truth and competency,and I believe the department of mass communication (namcos) are highly in support of him with hopeful expectations that when he gets to the aspired seat of power and justice he will do our biddings (No 3 group7)

  9. political News (040)

    Bonaventure Agazie is a good man with talented skills and abilities. The Namcos family has been known for producing a wonderful leaders. RIDE ON TO THE NEXT LEVEL. You have our support.(040)

  10. Bonaventure Agazie is a man of good competence who has exhibited good qualities from what we have seen so far ,so I will urge every student to vote for him because I believe in him and what his capable of doing when he finally gets elected.(quiz no 87)group4


    Am sure you are to represent us in deed COMRADE AGAZIE. The master of the people is their SERVANT.

    DR. What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us, what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. Jah bless (83)

  12. Obika Juliet ogechi (52)

    I boldly support Agazie not because am a mass communication student but because I know his capable of running the post of an SUG president.

  13. Mass common is filled with intelligent student,student with good vision.. Am glad we have a wonderful candidate THE MAN OF THE SEASON Agazie tochukwu quiz number 91

  14. I believe in the prowess of Comrade Agazie, He will make a good leader, (44)group 2

  15. I believe that he has great leadership capabilities and there is no doubt about his politics because he has good areas of studies which include media cology and journalism studies
    He is well know for his humility in the university.

    GROUP 4

  16. Obiuwa Chinweoge blessing

    Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Mediocrity prevails when excellence is absent.. Comrade Agazie has all the attributes of a good leader (quiz no 22).group 4.

  17. nwufo vivian Chidimma (106) " group 2"

    of course, I support Agazie because I see this zeal in him to lead this great institution (COOU) to the right part.

  18. Bonaventure is indeed a strong candidate for SUG Presidency. First is religiously strong, and as a mass communication student he aught to be socially fit. His academic performance is excellent. with all these views, I including NAMCOS believe he is the right person for the post. So let us vote for BONA. (18)

  19. Bonaventure is indeed a strong candidate for SUG Presidency. First he is religiously strong and as a mass communication student he aught to be socially fit. His academic performance is excellent. With all these views, I including NAMCOS believe he is the right person for the post. So let us vote for BONA. (18) Group 4.

  20. nwufo vivian Chidimma (106) " group 2"

    Agazie is the right candidate, we support you brother because u have the potential for leadership.

  21. RIDE ON BONA….ITS OUR TURN.So many things needs to be corrected in that administration which only you could..go and save us bro

  22. Wishing him Best of luck….congrate in advance

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