Thursday , May 26 2022

Compassion! Dr Joe Odumakin Pays Visit to Cancer Patient Actor Sodiq to raise Save Sodiq project

Veteran actor, Sodiq has expressed his feelings on the visit paid to him by Dr. Joe Odumakin .

On Sodiq page he gushes about the visit of the doctor to him… He wrote :

….Dr.Joe Odumakin. This is truly my day, she heard of my story ,cut short her visit to Ilorin just to see me!! Thank you so much Doctor…promised to help ease my pains anyway she can!! All my troubles started when I was first diagnosed for Leukemia and then Prostate palaver set in!! The choices I have to make are nerve wracking…surgery to permanently rid of  the discomfiture by doing something to my testicles…castration..that is my layman view or I get placed on drugs, for two years, without a guarantee that it will be a complete success at the cost of a 150,000 Naira by monthly!! I have done the Biopsy , this is to confirm the positiveness of whether its cancerous or not, and then commence with the next procedure!! If only I could be able to abroad and seek for more medical attention! Without doubt some thing more positive I can get without going through rigours of a possible ” CASTRATION!!! The bottom line is that I NEED HELP financially to be able to do so!! Dr.Odumakin I am a in quagmire!!! Leukemia. Prostrate.. What,what do I do I do? Am age 67, retired, on a meagre salary that dies not as at when due, with a houshol to support!!! If only kind hearted Nigerians, the Government can HELP!!!!! Sadiq Daba.

Save Sadiq`s Project…

When I read the post of @AzukaJebose yesterday about the excruciating pain Sadiq Daba of Cockrow At Dawn…aka Bitrus was going through caused by Leukemia and Prostrate cancer I had to return to Lagos this evening  and drove straight to see him. I have also been in touch with @SoniIrabor and @AzukaJebose .
Great Nigeria People , I am optimistic that Sadiq Daba will pull through. He is not a beggar but has paid his dues. kindly donate to Abubakar Sadiq Daba, UBA, 1005382276. Taken from Dr. How Odumakin’s wall.

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