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Communication Project Topics You Should Run Away From

Developing a fresh topic for study is not an easy task. Choosing a project topic in Mass Communication requires a lot of creativity. Don’t see yourself as a dull student by just picking existing topics in the library and literally removing the name of the original adding to add your. You can think out a fresh topic or a fresh angle to an existing topic with the help of your supervisor. Otherwise you will end up doing any of these 100 over-flogged project topics.

You can call them Familiar Topics. These project topics have been written and re-written in various forms and shapes, with different case studies and areas of study. Most of these works exist in large numbers in the libraries of various departments of mass communication in Nigerian universities. Students just change the study area, or they reproduce the works and simply replace the original writer’s name with their own name. There are certainly several unexplored areas in mass communication which could be studied. But academic laziness often keeps some students repeating these topics in various ways.

If you have chosen to work on any of these topics or related areas, just note that you are likely not going to contribute anything new to knowledge except where you are exploring an obviously fresh angle to it. The topics here have specific study areas but even if you add a new study area, it is still an over-flogged, though you might claim you want to do what is called “a replicative study”. Creativity requires that you develop a relatively fresh topic and foray into a new area.


100 Over-flogged Project Topics in Mass Communication

1. Press coverage of Federal Government measures to Brick Back the Chibok Girls: A study of two Nigerian Newspapers

2. Exposure to Television Programmes “Shuga” and Attitude of Imo State University Students towards HIV Status.

3. The influence of social media on Nigerian university students.

4. Assessment of Women’s involvement in Broadcast Media (A study of NTA and ABS) .

5. Attitude of women toward Journalism as a career: A study of women in Asaba metropolis (or any other city).

6. Audience perception of Newspaper coverage of HIV/AIDS issues in Nigeria. A study of Newspaper Reader in Makurdi metropolis (or any other city).

7. Electronic media as a platform for electoral Awareness and mobilization (A study of Delta state 2012 Gubernatorial Election).

8. Audience Perception of the Effectiveness of Television on Immunization Campaigns.

9. Evaluation of Sources of information on widowhood practices in Igbo land.

10. The Influence of “Share a coke with” As a Marketing strategy on consumers’ Buying Decision.

11. Sources of Information on Rollback Malaria intervention among rural women in Anambra State (or any other state or city)..

12. Customers’ perception of customized Branding As unique Selling preposition: A study of “Share a Coke with” Coca-cola Branding among Awka residents.

13. The effectiveness of packaging in Advertising.

14. The effectiveness of traditional media in promoting gender Equality.

15. Print Media Coverage of Nigeria Police force: A Study of selected Newspapers.

16. Newspaper Readership among residents of Nnewi (or any other city).

17. Public Relations Influence on Rural Development: A Study of Ogwashiuku Community (or any other community).

18. Effects of Advertising on the Buying Habit of Consumers of Delta Medicated Soap.

19. The Attitude of Undergraduates to violet Films on Nigerian Television: A Study of Lagos state University.

20. The Effect of Television Advertisement of Lux soap on Consumption pattern of house wives in Enugu-North local Government Area (or any other LGA).

21. Perceptional Influence of ABS Radio Agricultural programmes on rural Farmers

22. The Influence of Advertising on Consumer Buying Behaviour: A Study of Lacasera Consumers in Onitsha North L.G.A.

23. The Impact of Guinness Stout Television Advertising on Consumers.

24. Radio as a vehicle for promoting Community Development.

25. The effectiveness of educational broadcasting in mobilizing Farmers for Agricultural Production.

26. The use of mobile phones by journalists in Lagos State (or any other state).

27. The Influence of radio Nigeria Newspaper Headlines Revision on Readership Pattern.

28. The Impact of Television Advertising on Consumers’ Purchasing decision.

29. Public Perception of the effectiveness of the Cross River Broadcasting Corporation HIV/AIDS campaign.

30. The Portrayal of Nigerian Society in Nigerian Home Videos: A study of four selected Home Videos.

31. Assessing the Influence of Violent films on Adolescent Social Behavior: (A study of a particular Secondary School  in any part of the country).

32. The Influence of News Commercialization on news credibility

33. Use of Information Technology in Journalism Practice: A study of Journalists in Port-Harcourt.

34. Audience perception of Ownership influence on Editorial content of Newspaper: A Study of Benin city Residents (or residents of any other city).

35. Influence of Western Television programmes on the cultural values of Anambra State University (ANSU) Students (students of any other university).

36. Television Tabacco Advert and Youth Smoking Habit: A survey of the youth in Amawbia (or any other city or state).

37. Ethnic Orientation and coverage of Boko Haram Activities by Select Nigerian Newspapers.

38. The Effectiveness of interpersonal Communication in the management of Nigerian Universities.

39. Audience Perception of Vernacular Broadcasting. A Study of Purity FM’s Igbo Newscast.

40. Radio as an Effective Tool for Social Development in Nigeria: A study of Rhythm FM Awka, Anambra State.

41. Attitude of Nigerian Journalists towards Science and Technology Reporting.

42. The role of the mass media in the development of Idemili South Local Government Area (or any other LGA).

43. Audience perception of sex appeal in Product Marketing: A study of Muoka foam.

44. Enhancing the practice of Journalism through the use of Wikileaks: A focus on practicing journalists in Asaba (or any other city).

45. Readers’ Perception of the use of coloured prints in Newspapers.

46. A Study of Selected Nigeria Newspaper Coverage of 2015 Presidential candidates campaign.

47. Press Coverage of President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 Electioneering Campaign: A study of two National Newspapers

48. The role of Radio in community Development.

49. Face book use in political Communication: A study of Voters Registration in Delta State University (or any other University).

50. The Influence of News Commentaries on radio listeners.

51. Readership pattern of Newspaper Editorials Among Abakaliki Residents (or residents of any other city).

52. Audience Perception of women in movies.

53. Assessment of Radio Awareness Campaign on Malnutrition: A Study of Enugu State University (or any other University).

54. The Effectiveness of Newspaper as a tool for public Enlightenment.

55. Audience Perception of the role of radio in crime prevention.

56. Students’ Perception of the Usefulness of Instructional Television Programmes to their Academic Achievement .

57. Audience Perception of the Influence of Ownership on the Readership of Punch and Daily Sun Newspapers.

58. The role of radio as a tool for women Empowerment.

59. The Effect of celebrity Advertising on Consumers’ choice of Amstel malt and Maltina.

60. Newspaper Readership Pattern among Nurses in Awka Metropolis.

61. Influence of Media Ownership on Journalism Practice.

62. Radio and Television as Vehicles for Effective Rural Development: A Study of Idemili North L.G.A

63. Evaluation of Radio Influence on Grassroots political Participation in 2015 General Election in Nigeria: A Study of Get your PVC Media Campaign in FRCN.

64. Newspaper Readership Pattern Among Mass Communication Students of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Igbariam Campus (or any other University).

65. The Influence of Radio on Nigeria University Students.

66. Political Advertisement Influence on Voter Behaviour: A Study of Governorship Radio Commercials listeners in Ihiala Local Government Area.

67. The Role of Celebrities in Advertising: A Study of Global Com Limited (GLO).

68. Influence of Advertisement on Consumers’ Buying Habit

69. The Influence of Television Advertisement on Consumers Demand of soft Drink.

70. Effect of Social Network Addiction Among undergraduates Students: A Study of Chukwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University.

71. The Role of Traditional Modes of Communication in Rural Development.

72. An Appraisal of Public relations Activities of Some selected Public Corporations in Enugu metropolis.

73. Public Relations Influence on Customers patronage of Made in Nigeria product.

74. Outdoor Media effectiveness in product Advertising.

75. Newspaper Coverage of the 2013 Gubernational Election Campaign in Anambra State.

76. The Role of Media in the crusade against Global Terrorism; A Study of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Awka.

77. Influence of Western Television Programmes on the cultural values of Tertiary institution students.

78. Strategies in Crisis Management in NNPC Port-Harcourt.

79. Audience perception of the effectiveness of sales promotions in improving consumer’s choice of product: Study of “WaW” users in Ibadan (or any other city).

80. The Influence of MTV base Fashion show programme on the Dressing Habit of Female Students in Tertiary Institutions.

81. Analysis of Nigerian press coverage of Foreign News: A content Analysis of This Day and the Nation Newspapers.

82. Audience perception of Radio use in primary Health care promotion.

83. The Influence of Communication on Management/employee Relations: A Study of Consolidated breweries Plc Awo Omamma.

84. Television Station Management and Profitability: A Study of ABS Awka (or any other station).

85. Audience Perception of mass media reportage on Nigerian women participation in Politics.

86. The Influence of political party jingles on audience preference of a candidate.

87. The Role of Mass Media in National Integration.

88. Students’ acceptance of internet as a communication medium: A study or Nnamdi Azikiwe university Students ( or students of any oter University).

89. The Influx of Females into mass communication department of higher Institutions: Reasons and consequences.

90. The Effectiveness of pidgin English as a language for broadcasting in Nigeria.

91. Female Journalists perception of the challenges facing women in Journalism careers.

92. Role of Public Relations in Banks (or any other establishment).

93. Influence of radio programmes on drug Abuse on Listeners’ Attitude towards hard Drugs.

94. Evaluation of consumers’ response to Media messages on NAFDAC Registration Number Campaign in Nigeria.

95. udience perception of phone in programmes influence on relationship among students.

96. Effectiveness of traditional media in the promotion of polio Eradication programmes in Igbariam communities (or any other community).

97. Audience perception of the portrayal of Igbo Cultural values on Radio.

98. Influence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the operations of manufacturing companies.

99. Assessment of media coverage of women sports in Nigeria: A study of Vanguard, Guardian and Sporting Life Newspapers.

100. MTN project fame Hip Hop music Reality shows and students’ behaviours: A study of Lagos State University Students (or students of any other university).


You might have to reconsider studying any of these topics if you really want to do a fresh job. We will keep updating this list because there are several other topics like these ones, which are not mentioned here. So if you are choosing a project topic and decide to pick any of these ones listed here, everyone now knows it is already in your departmental library. Find something fresh and work on. To help yourself, run away from these topics.


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