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Communication And Gender Studies! Outdoor Quiz

I welcome you to the second semester but I doubt whether it is going to be less hectic than the first. I thought I should add that immediately to put our correspondence from now on a better perspective.

The course is entitled “Communication and Gender Studies.” I must confess that it is an exciting course which focuses a specialized communication area that is always exciting to foray into. Here we look at gender from the perspective of what we are and what we say, including a combination of both. The course dwells solely on the fusion between gender and communication.

I expect that by now you would have read the COURSE COMPACT and browsed through the list of important links in the reference section which is by no means exhaustive.

Your first quiz is to read the course compact and the links provided, including other materials you can get, with a view to understanding the basic concepts of gender, sex and sexuality. Then …

1. Define gender in pidgin English (One paragraph).

2. Differentiate between gender and sex in pidgin English (Not less than two paragraphs).

Note: One-sentence paragraph will not be accepted.

In this era where reaching the uneducated requires identifying with them in the language they understand, it becomes pertinent for us to begin to accommodate people-oriented language patterns even in classroom activities. This is essential in order not to be taken aback if told to present a seminar on Gender Issues to rural audience largely comprising the uneducated.

Deadline for this quiz is 10pm today (Tuesday, July 3).

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I will use this to take a roll call of candidates officially part of the new class that I’ll be working with.

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  1. Anthony Onyima

    Wetin be Gender sef?

    By Tony Onyima

    My Pipo,dis Oyibo no go kill me. D wey we de look at and talk about woman and man for we housi, villa and communiti na him Oyibo de call gender.Even sef diferent pipo de look at gender in so many weys. Example be say fo Obodo Oyibo and Naija, d wey we de look at man and woman diferentoo. We de learn gender mata everiday fo we house, society and skool. Gender no be de same ting as sex. No mix the two befor you go cause katakta.

    D Difernce Wey De Betwin Gender and Sex
    Some pipo go de tink badi badi tings wen them hear about sex. Make I tell you, sex no bi dat bad ting you cari for mind. Sex bi de wey God make us fo our mama bodi. E get someting wey God put fo woman belle wey be like water. Oyibo de call m androgen. Na d ting dey cause weda we go be boy or girl.At time too, dat angrogen fit make somebodi e no be boy or girl. Some pipo like dat de fo dis world. Oyibo de call them’intersex’.
    But gender na diferent mata.Gender b de ting wey we de take our mouth talk say woman or man be. Wetin e mean to be woman or man in everiday life. Dis de start from we village and even de wey we de live.Some pipo de take dis gender mata de put woman or man down in their talk talk or wetin de write. Dis gender mata don cause many casala for we society.

  2. Okoye Jude V. C.


    1. Any time wey we talk gender matter, BBC dictionary, wey be book wey dey show wetin matter be, talk say gender na in be many many things wey oyibo call characteristics wey be things wey we society and country people dey give person becos say person be man abi woman. If person be man abi woman na so God take do am. But our country people get as them dey take see woman becos say ibi woman and man becos ibi man. Plenty plenty way, wey we country people dey take see man-woman matter no dey help. Ino dey help country people see and do wetin dey good for our country. Example be say our country people no dey allow woman get wetin be them own becos them be woman. Dis way we no fit develop and live better life wey God give all of we to live.
    2. Gender and sex no be de same thing dey mean oo. Gender na the many things
    wey be characteristics wey country people dey carry give man becos say ibi man and woman becos say ibi woman. Dis things wey be characteristics no be as God take do am oo. Na we country people take our hand putam. Say woman no fit be oga for we country becos ibi woman. Woman no fit go school becos ibi woman. As ibi for sex, na de things wey God put person for body wey makam man abi woman. Example be woman get body wey go helep make she be mama, carry belle, born pikin and give pikin breast. Man get body wey go help make he give woman belle. Our country people dey take becos woman sex mekam woman ino fit challenge man. Say man dey better pass woman becos man get sex body wey mekam be man. Ino bi so. Woman fit do many things wey man fit do. Na so Nwanmuo(2018) talkam for inside Nwodu and Osunkwo(2018). Okunna and Omenugha(2015) talkam so well well.

  3. Ntomchukwu Festus Chigozie

    Ntomchukwu Festus C. Gender na d name wey de call pesin wey wen ice take de behafe plus how ide de social to do things. Gender na d word people de use becose of him character plus behave as he de d things. 2. Sex different from Gender: Sex na wetin pesin carry com for did world. Na as him God take make d pesin as them bornam man or woman. Wen we see dos things as nature take create d pesin,naibi sex.Sex mean sey,d pesin na male (boy) or female (girl). But gender na wetin people dey call pesin as girl or boy as him character or social life de show. As him de act and de behafe,na gender not sex. Infact sex na nature de show wetin de pesin as his his body,head,hair,even eyes d show.

  4. Genevieve Nwedo-Nzeribe

    1. Gender
    Dis na talk about how society tek see life of human being, man and woman as it concern wetin dem fit do, dress dem fit wear, even job dem fit do or position dem fit occupy. Like now for our country, many people especially our men no gree say woman fit be President; say fit drive commercial moto. Even wen dem see woman dokito or Engineer, e no dey too clear dem fo eye. For church, who be woman to be Fada, pastor or even to com preach. For tradition sef, na dia e woss. Woman no fit be King, em no fit comot vileg square talk or inherit property.
    2. Difrens wey dey for ‘Gender’ and ‘Sex’
    Dis eye wey society tek see gender difrent wen e konsan wetin oyibo kol “sex of a human being”. For sex mata, wetin society or even too much akada people de consider na how God take create person sake of the kine body dem givam. Fr man body, dem go look for em chest weda e carry breast. Then, dem go check em private area weda na man private part abi na woman own e get. Some people dey even carry in-between. Dis na people dem dey kol ‘intersex’
    For dis mata, some country like Germany and Finland or even for some big big akad people, diaris no difrense for the two, gender and sex, all na the same. Even some people wey say dem be Transgender, no gree say dem be man or woman. Some of dem dey tek dia mouth tell you the one dem wan be. E no mata weda dem carry man or woman body.

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