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Communication and Gender Studies! Class Activity

We are all working on two topics – a general and a specific topic. The general topic is a quick essay on gender competence and eradication of breast ironing in sub-Saharan Africa. What you are basically required to do here is to write an analytical piece with not less than 20 references on the topic “Relevance of Gender Competence in Eradicating Breast Ironing Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

You can actually coin your own topic from the theme “Gender Competence and Breast Ironing Culture.” This means you can either use the topic as is provided here or structure it the way it will be easy for you to approach. The main fact is that whatever you’re writing on must be on how Gender Competence plays or could play a role in eradicating breast ironing culture.

The first thing is that I have to see the title of your own essay and various sub-headings you will treat in it. I have to approve this before you proceed. Deadline for submission of title and subheadings is Monday by 11pm. This is because you need to proceed on the main work immediately. Deadline for submission of main article is on Thursday by 11am. Print it out and bring to class. It should be 22 pages (including not less than 20 references) double line spacing, 12 points Times New Roman. Make sure you run a plagiarism check on the paper before printing it out because you have to provide the result of the check before the paper will be accepted. Again, we are still working on the general topic with the theme “Gender Competence and Eradication of Breast Ironing Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa. ”

Gender competence is the recognition and understanding of specific gender differences and being able to meaningfully mainstream them in achieving set goals. It means recognizing that there are gender differences and similarities, each gender has its own positives which should be factored into whatever goal you want to achieve, especially if it’s a goal that affects various genders. This concept talks about engaging men and women in in achieving gender unbiased goals. Gender competence is a core aspect of gender mainstreaming process.

You need to find out the meaning of gender mainstreaming and gender competence. Do this quick research on your own. That’s how to get acquainted with the environment of this discourse.

Of course, in the African setting this concept focuses on the gender binaries, not the gender inbetweens. I bet you know why by now.

For more on gender competence, see these links and search for others


2. Engaging men in gender competence


On the issue of breast ironing, read this article on Beast Ironing! Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman in the Name of Culture and others you can find.

Watch this CNN video for perspective on breast ironing culture

So in the be assay on gender competence and breast ironing you are analyzing the possibility of engaging binary gender persepectve in eradicating breast ironing culture.

Let me share this secret with you. To write on a topic that seems strange to you the best way to approach it is to first read other articles written on similar subjects so you can get a good idea of what to do. The article must not be on breast ironing. Just look for scholarly articles on eradication of harmful cultural practices, including works on gender studies. That’s how to begin. This way you will get an idea of works to cite and how to approach your paper.

This is a serious academic task you shouldn’t be weary in accomplishing.


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    1. Introduction
    2. Historical background/Origin of breast ironing culture
    3. An over view of gender related repressive practices in Africa
    4. The harmful consequences of Breast Ironing
    5. Attempts at curbing the menace
    6. An argument for gender competence
    7. Conclusion
    8. References

  2. Outline for an essay on ‘Relevance of Gender Competence in Eradicating Breast Ironing Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa’

    By Anthony Onyima

    I.1. Introduction

    •Understanding culture and its influence on gender inequality.
    •Situating some harmful cultural practices against women.
    •Why globalization has not affected some harmful cultural practices.

    1.2. Conceptual Overview
    •Understanding gender
    •Meaning of gender within African social context.
    •Gender theories
    •Cite/review some studies on discriminations against women.

    2.Breast ironing as a Gender-based harmful cultural practice.

    •Process of breast ironing (attach some photos).
    •Prevalence and consequences of breast ironing.
    •Examine few efforts at local and international levels aimed at eradicating breast ironing.
    •Current state of breast ironing in sub-Saharan Africa.

    3. Understanding Gender Competence and Mainstreaming.

    •Exploration of definitions of gender competence and mainstreaming.
    •Gender competence as a policy approach to the reduction of breast ironing.
    •Show efforts made elsewhere to use gender competence to mainstream policy formulation and implementation.
    •Demonstrate why gender competence can be more effective in the eradication of breast ironing.

    4. Conclusion and recommendations.

    5. References (APA style 6th edition)

  3. TOPIC: Critical Review of Gender Competence in eradicating breast ironing culture.
    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction
    3. Gender related matters (gender bias, discrimination, rape, violence against women etc.
    4. Breast ironing culture (historical perspective)
    5. Relationship between gender competence and breast ironing
    6. Effect/Implications of breast ironing
    7. Suggestion /Recommendation
    8. Conclusion.

  4. Ntomchukwu Festus Chigozie

    Topic: Gender Competence in Eradicating Breast Ironing. Subtopics:Introduction; Conceptual definitions; Historical background of breast ironing; Rational and Effects of the Practice; Legal framework as measures eradicate the practice; Conclusion

  5. Ekwunife Rosemary Obianuju

    Gender competence and breast ironing culture, types and prevalence of these harmful practices.

    1.Son preference, female infanticide and sex selective abortions.
    2.Female genital mutilation
    3.Forced and early marriages
    4.Bride kidnapping
    6.Stoning or flogging of women.
    7.Forced pregnancy
    9.Wife inheritance and maltreatment of widows.
    10.Virginity tests
    11.Breast ironing

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