Thursday , May 26 2022

“Churches Are Killing the Work of God,” Preacher

Just as the saying goes “united with stand, divided we fall” a Gospel preacher who is also a lecturer in the department of Mass Communication Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, Dr. Chinedu Ugwonno, has lashed out on the height of division in the church that has Marred the propagation of the Gospel.

The lecturer who is also the Grand Patron of the Joint Christian Campus Fellowship (JCCF) Federal Polytechnic Oko while speaking at the JCCF sendforth service held at the Main Campus of the Institution, said that if and only if the Church will become one body that Christianity will do exploits in the present generation like the waves of miracles that was witnessed by the early church.

The preacher made this call while speaking to a cross section of graduands who will hand over to the newly elected leader’s of the campus supreme fellowship. According to him, the formation of various churches has done more harm than good to the body of Christ. The Man of God believes the division has brought strife, enemity, wickedness and various vices brought by competition that has only but weakened the body of Christ.

He added that if only the churches can become one, and unite without segregation of denominations. Christianity will bounce back and begin to experience the power the early Christians such as Apostle Paul, Peter and other great prophets witnessed in the bible times.

To end his sermon, the Man of God warned all graduating fellowship leaders not to go about founding churches rather they should seek divine visions that will pull the body of Christ together. He insisted that the break out of churches in the christiandom has only but retarded the advancement of the body of Christ as instead of moving after lost souls and conquering territories, churches has have  been busy fighting over members.

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Bro Chinedu, finally admonished the outgoing students to catch the burden and to fight harder to unite the body of Christ.

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