Friday , September 30 2022

Chei! Two Men Return Car They Stole After Going Mad, Wash it With Their Clothes and Dance Naked With A Strange Long Snake Around their Neck


You have to believe this trending story. Two young men who allegedly stole a vehicle at night never expected what came their way next. They stole the car last night (Tuesday) and returned it this morning (Wednesday) naked, using their clothes to wash the car in public.

The trending video footage posted online shows the young thieves naked, after removing their clothes totally in front of shocked passersby and used them to wash the car.

One of the thieves was spotted with a long snake round his neck as seen in the pictures as he danced and wriggled his body in a reptile like manner.

The other one used his cloth to wash the car from a dirty stagnant water on the road…

While all this was happening, the large crowd mocked and laughed at the thieves as they made a fool of themselves publicly.

Security men whisked them away after the public show.

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