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Chei! Male Student Hosts Lady in His Hostel, Crowd of Guys Wait Outside to Hail Him


This is pretty strange! Or does it have any meaning? This is a trending story online. In an undisclosed University,

a lady visited a guy , in what looks like boys hostel, and then after she came out (no confirmationof what tok place inside the room) other occupants of the room and in fact, the entire floor waited for them at their door, started “ hailing” and “ saluting” the Guy she came to visit . Some of them were even recording the guy’s exit while the girl boldly followed behind. You will even think the guy is Donald Trump.

The blog that first reported the story (drinosblog.blogspot) suggested he was being hailed perhaps “for a job well done”.

What is the sense here?

First seen;

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  1. Those guys you see outside are simply happy for their ‘brother’/friend.
    This is always the case when a dude moves around with guys who are “woman eaters” but he has been unable to nail down one…maybe cuz he is the shy type or lacking in “swag” or his niggas feel he is IMPOTENT or just being an undiscovered gay.
    Another case is if the babe don dey form hard to get for a very long time…so, when banana finally fall on her, the dude that made the banana fall must receive such a humongous ovation nau
    I just dey wonder Wetin dey run through the girl’s mind as she walks pass them,
    I can assure you that the guy wey troway salute with him ribs na confirm impotent….hahahahah

  2. which school be dis na, that lady is damn courageous or a d1ck freak

  3. Nawah 4 dz guys oooo, Someone cannot bleep in peace again?

  4. it could be that he is spreading sexually transmitted diseases, ( STDS) or they have batted who catch the Lady first. girls no get shame again ooo. what a ridicule!

  5. chidume happiness


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