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Check this! Covenant University Graduates 188 First Class Degree Holders in One Session

 Covenant University in Ota, Ogun, on Friday, July 21, graduated a total of 188 students with first class degree at the 2016/2017 convocation ceremony of the university.

Prof. Aaron Atayero, the Vice-Chancellor (VC), disclosed this during the 12th Convocation Ceremony and Conferment of Honorary Doctorate Degrees and presentation of prizes in Ota.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that 1,426 students graduated this academic session.
They comprised 188 with first class honours degree, 568 with second class upper honours, 322 with second class lower, 47 with third class and 301 post graduate students.

Atayero said the university had trained a set of “expert thinkers and world changers” that had the ability to thrive in adversity and contribute their quotas to national development.
The VC also said that the institution was a foremost private university in Nigeria, setting the pace for other public and private institutions.
“Covenant University has continued to be at the cutting edge of innovation and research in proffering solutions to the nation’s challenges,’’ he said.

Dr David Oyedepo, the University Chancellor, said that the 2016 edition of the Nigerian Graduate Report ranked the products of the institution as the most employable graduates among all Nigerian universities.
Oyedepo said that most of the nation’s challenges needed indigenous solutions rather than foreign ones.
He said that the nation found itself where it was by choice, adding that it was time individual and leaders took the responsibility of solving the nation’s problems.

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View: Please what do you think about the fact that 188 students graduated with First Class Degree in just one session?

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  1. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    This is very awesome

  2. Nawaoooo this is unbelieveable in one session.How manage ,how were they nurtured and taught to have that kind of first class student not even 21

  3. That’s because their results are not strictly marked like other Universities. That’s a bullcrap!

  4. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    hmm..this is suspicious and must be investigated very well..

  5. This is unbelievable for this to happen,all the same na God with him its possible..

    • my dear In this case i no sure say God dy dz tin oooo, with money e dy possible….no try covenant universities oooo…K how many people graduated from your school dz year? God no dy? How many people were recorded that got first class….?

  6. there is an increasing expectation among students, who pay millions per year. They feel they should receive high results for their degrees because they pay so much for them. Students obsess about gaining a first-class degree. In many cases they are more focused on the grade than upon the actual subject that they are studying and this sabotages their results. Their view of higher education has become instrumentalised; many see it exclusively as a path to employment and they forget to take an interest in and enjoy the subject that they are studying.
    , but in my view robust and worthwhile. What needs to be overhauled is not the grading system. The level of fees is the main problem, as well as the survey culture. This leads students to think of themselves as customers of the university rather than as students. At least at universities, the “customer” is not always right .

    So how do we then discriminate between more able and less able students? Even more worryingly what is the worth of that degree if it has been so devalued that everyone gets the best grades?

  7. “It is very absurd that students that failed to obtain anything close to 250 in their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) scores or Post-UTME examination are now being awarded first class degrees(O di MMA). I want to criticise these questionable awards from four main angles: the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination grades of these glorified first class graduates cannot match those in public universities.

    “Almost all of them scored below average or minimum scores that would not have qualified them to gain admission into leading (public) universities in Nigeria. Most of these private universities cannot compete with the public ones in areas of qualified lecturers as they mostly rely on unemployed, retired, visiting, part-time and sometimes grossly incompetent academic staff to churn out these half-baked graduates.”

    the most private universities could not boast of standard laboratories, qualified and competent technical staff. “From the foregoing, most of the first class graduates produced by these private universities would have at best obtained second class lower or third class degrees from functional standard universities across Nigeria,”

  8. this is unbelievable (kedu ka osi mee ?)

  9. Hehehehe 188 students with First Class? it’s good o, money is really speaking. I wonder who they are deceiving

  10. Nnanyelugo karen

    This blog is really a right zone of ideas…I have been going through all the comments and to think all this education stuffs is cyberspace
    Basically,the university cant brag about admitting 50% of students who scored above 160/170 in their utme.The university is legally wrong if they have used their upperhand to give over a hundred and eighty-eight first class degree.

    What utter rubbish!

    It think they should be an Education board who espy the accuracy of yhese results otherwise They keep getting away with it because it is good old ‘Bribery’naija.

    Covenant university ko.. coven university ni…

  11. Ugboma Chinyere

    They are promoting their sch,its a form of advert. What’s new? Such can’t be ruled out when institutions of higher learning is now being owned by individuals. Na for Nigeria we deh!

  12. That interesting and good to hear

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