Friday , January 28 2022

Chai! Nigerian Man Plans With Police To Propose To His Girlfriend, And It Failed Horribly

You won’t believe this classic example of ‘proposal gone wrong’….

An unidentified Nigerian man planned with the police to propose to his longtime girlfriend but failed in an epic way after the lady called another man.

 Find out what happened.

A Twitter user, @kelvinbraide shared the story on his timeline.

Read the story below;

“So let me gist u people. So this guy planted weed in his girl’s car, and planned with police to arrest her then tell her to make a call, then he’ll come and they’ll plan to arrest him too and he’ll propose. Long story short. She called another nigga and the police people asked her who’s she’s calling she said her boyfriend, and they all thought she was calling the guy that sent them. Only for a different nigga to show up with police people and he left with her. And the police people called the guy to say the girl has gone”

“My mopol guy that was gisting me. Said daye see ehhhn. Woman Naim wicked pass Satan he said the boy actually cried when they explained everything to him. He just drove off. Don’t know what will happen to them I laughed all through the gist.”

See his tweets below;


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