Saturday , January 22 2022

Rural News Tourism

Watch amazing masquerade dancing competition with unbelievable moves

masquerading dancing festival

This dancing competition took place between different masquerades among which are Oju Nkita Anya Masquerade, Mgbadike Masquerade and Enyi Ka Enyi Masquerade. These are very colourful and energetic masquerades that featured during the dancing competition at Obodoukwu day 2021 celebration. Obodoukwu is in Ideator-North local government area of Imo State. …

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Rural News Tourism: See 10 Characteristics You Should Know

rural news tourism

Rural news tourism is a specialized kind of rural journalism which makes news gathering and writing exciting. Just like rural news reporting, rural news tourism is rural community oriented but the reporter doubles as a journalist and a tourist, making their job unique. Here are the features of rural news …

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