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Will Human Newscasters Disappear One Day? China Unveils First Artificial Intelligence News Anchor (Video)

This story should interest every broadcast media person. Does it mean that one day we might have television houses without human beings reading the news and possibly presenting programmes? Do you think that is even possible with the way China is going with tech-based news presentation? Check this story out. The Chinese Government-controlled Xinhua News […]

Alaroye! Most Successful Yoruba Language Newspaper In Nigeria

The media landscape in Nigeria benefited immensely from indigenous language newspapers in terms of development and readership expansion. The first Nigerian newspaper was a Yoruba language newspaper, Iwe Irohin, which was also the first indigenous language newspaper in Africa. It was established in 1859. So many other indigenous language newspapers came into existence but could not […]

Giving Mosquitoes Diet Drugs Suppresses Their Appetite For Humans, New Study Reveals

Scientists have revealed that giving mosquitoes diet drugs prevents them from biting humans and spreading disease. The scientists who carried out the study found that female mosquitoes, which transmit the microbes that kill millions of people every year, lose interest in human blood if their appetites are suppressed with the chemicals. The study, which is […]

This Lady Draws Photo-Realistic Pencil Portraits With Both Hands At The Same Time (You Need To Watch This Amazing Video)

One of the most difficult art forms is drawing realistic colour portraits. Doing so with one hand is not easy at all. How about meeting an artist who draws two different portraits with both hands at the same time? That’s amazing. This may sound almost impossible, but that’s what makes Dutch artist Rjacenna’s skill very […]

Japanese Scientists Use Frog Communication Patterns To Design Wireless Sensor Network

This story is a bit technical but contains amazing revelations in the field of technological advancements. A team of Scientists in Japan took time to listen to frog choruses and identified a pattern which they turned into a mathematical model for developing a wireless sensor network. The scientists discovered that frog choruses are functional and […]