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Saudi Arabia executions reaches 134 this year with some crucified and beheaded, including six who were kids when arrested and 2 Nigerians

Saudi Arabia has executed 134 people this year, including six who were kids when they were arrested. The prisoners were killed by brutal methods that have been frowned upon, including crucifixion and beheading, according to a human rights organisation. At least 58 of those killed were foreign nationals and most were accused of spreading Shia Islam – a […]

Two Nigerian men die after drug they swallowed burst open in their stomach during a flight (video)

Two Nigerian men identified as Chigozie Pascal Aniagbado and Chijioke Chidioka Ogbuefi, met their untimely death after the drug they swallowed burst open in their stomach during a flight from Brazil to Ethiopia. Despite being placed on oxygen during the 12-hour flight, the drug mules died before an emergency landing could be conducted. According to […]

Watch As Priests Drop Holy Water Over City to Cure It of “Drunkenness and Fornication” (Video)

Orthodox priests in Russia’s Tver Oblast region, literally reached new heights in their quest to save their congregations from addictive sins like drinking and fornicating. They got in an airplane and doused the whole city of Tver in holy water, in order to cleanse it. Metropolitan Savva of Tver and Kashinsky, Father Alexander Goryachev and […]