Sunday , February 25 2024


Italian TV presenter sues bosses over male colleague’s ‘noisy’ flatulence

An Italian TV presenter has sued her bosses over a male colleague’s ‘noisy’ flatulence and burping. According to Mail Online, the scandal began when Dania Mondini, an anchor-woman for Italy’s national broadcaster RAI, lodged a formal complaint against one of her colleagues over his ‘repeated and malodorous bodily emissions’. She also said …

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Angry man disrupts church service as he confronts Pastor for allegedly sleeping with his wife (video)

A video has surfaced online showing dramatic moment when a Ghanaian man stormed a church in Germany to confront its Pastor for allegedly sleeping with his wife. The Ghanaian cleric who was confronted, is said to be the lead Pastor at the Faith Pentecostal Ministries in Frankfurt. he visibly angry man …

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