Sunday , January 23 2022


Taiwan Punishes Drunk Drivers by Telling Them To Clean Funeral Parlors So They Can Feel Death (Photos)

This is a strange strategy for discouraging drunk driving and reminding offenders that their actions can lead to death. Authorities in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, are using bizarre method of getting drunk drivers to reflect on their behavior and change their ways. Offenders are now required to clean funeral parlors in …

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Indian couple to hold first ever virtual reality wedding that will digitally invite 5000 social media followers and the ‘ghost’ of the bride’s dad (photos/video)

First wedding on Metaverse

A couple in India are about to organized a kind of wedding that has never been witnessed in the world. The couple revealed they’re planning the first virtual reality wedding, and they will invite the ‘ghost’ of the bride’s late father to the wedding. Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi, 24, and his …

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Pastor Coughs And Rubs Spit On Church Member’s Face To Prove A Point To His Congregation (Photos, Video)

Pastor Michael Todd

A disturbing incident took place in a church at Tusla, Oklahoma as a Pastor got very literal about seeing God’s blurred imaginative and prescient in 2022. Video of the incident which is now viral online shows Pastor Michael Todd who leads the Transformation Church in Tulsa rubbing his spit on …

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Shocker! Villagers claim a mysterious snake is rap!ng women and inflicting men with weak erection

snake rapes women in Zimbabwe

Residents of a village in Zimbabwe are making claims that will prove difficult for security personnel to investigate. The villagers in Inyathi’s Village 5 of Zimbabwe, are alleging that a mysterious snake is “raping” women, inflicting weak erections on men and stealing their money. They are claiming that the snake belong to …

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