Wednesday , July 6 2022


Ghana female secondary school students suspended after they were seen in viral video smoking shisha in their school uniform (video)

A group of girls believed to be students at the Sunyani Senior High School in Ghana have reportedly been suspended after they were spotted in a viral video smoking shisha. In the video which triggered mixed reactions, the girls were seen smoking from a shisha pipe as they gather in a …

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Angry fans accuse opponent of late South African boxer of using ‘voodoo’ to kill him, he says he is having suicidal thoughts following vile abuse online

He is really troubled because of online abuse, including allegations that he used ‘voodoo’ locally known as umuthi in South Africa. The opponent of the South African boxer who tragically died after their fight has admitted that he is having suicidal thoughts to take his life as a result of …

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‘I could feel the shocks through my body but it didn’t stop me’ – 20-year-old man honored with car gift after risking his life to rescue man being electrocuted by train track (videos)

A 20-year-old Chicago man is currently trending as a true hero after rescued a man being electrocuted by a subway track. The man has been honored with a car gift after he leaped into action to save the life of a man who fell on the subway’s deadly electrified rail. …

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Husband allegedly bites off his wife’s nose in her father’s house then posts suicide note on Facebook after he was called out (graphic photos)

A father-of-three has been accused of biting off his wife’s nose in her father’s house just one week after he celebrated her on Facebook. King Felix Nero and wife Queen Nero have been married for 5 years and have 3 kids together but it is alleged that Felix Nero has …

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