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Oral Tradition! What are the advantages of oral tradition?

Oral tradition is one of the basic verbal communication techniques in African societies. It facilitates transmission of cultural values across generations through speech,  folk tales, proverbs and tongue twisters, songs, poetry, and chants, among others. They are used to preserve cultural history. Examples include children being told by their parents to always take their bath […]

10 biggest Video-On-Demand streaming services owned by Nigerians

There has been a major shift in the way people watch television and view video content. With the increasing internet penetration and awareness, not everyone now needs to have cable subscription or DVD players to watch their favorite movies. Movie lovers in Nigeria are always searching for convenient sources to get latest blockbusters from Hollywood, […]

How the mass media in Nigeria can generate revenue

Media establishments are profit centers which earn revenue by selling their commodities to the public. This excludes organizations engaged in Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) which are funded with public money and broadcast in the interest of the public. Every other form of media establishment is in the business of creating informative, entertaining and educative contents […]

’55 journalists’ have died from Coronavirus in 23 countries in the past two months

A press freedom organization has claimed that 55 journalists have died worldwide from the novel Coronavirus in the past two months. The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC), made this known in a statement ahead of World Press Freedom Day on Sunday. The organization lamented that media workers often lack proper protection for covering the pandemic and […]

Reporter goes on air wearing suit coat and no pants, not realizing viewers could see his legs (photos/video)

ABC News reporter Will Reeve unknowingly live broadcasted himself reporting news from his home but forgot to position himself in the camera well so that viewers wouldn’t see that he was not wearing pants- an embarassing gaffe for the reporter and the TV Network. Reeve appeared Tuesday on “Good Morning America”  segment on American network, ABC […]