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Role of rural community journalist

Role of rural community journalist The rural community journalist plays a critical role in rural areas by performing the basic functions of information, education, and entertainment through rural community newspaper. Community newspapers are not just sources of information; they are a critical component in rural development. This fact should be noted by a rural community […]

Constraints of rural journalism in Nigeria

Constraints of rural journalism in Nigeria Rural news journalism is the coverage and presentation of news about specific rural community. It is a specialized branch of journalism which consists of locally-oriented, professional news coverage that primarily focuses on rural communities, individual suburbs or villages in the hinterland, rather than metropolitan, state, national or world news. […]

Micro and Macro Media Economics! Meaning of Concepts

Media economics is concerned with the relationship between the mass media and the economic environment, especially how changing economic forces and policies determine the choices of managers, practitioners and other decision-makers across the media. It is a specialized branch of mass communication which deals with income and expenditure activities of the media, including how macro […]

Sources of rural news

Rural news refers to report about happenings, events, occurrences, people and all forms of timely information about rural areas. It is news about rural areas. A rural area is a community or collection of communities in the hinterland, or outside the cities, often with low density and poor infrastructures when compared with the city. The […]

Massmediang Award! See Complete List of Winners In The Short Film Festival

The massmediang awards for the performers who distinguished themselves at the just concluded Short Film Festival will be holding this week. Winners of various categories of awards have emerged. Recall that 200 level students of Mass Communication in COOU had organized themselves into groups to try their hands on short film production as part of film […]