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Culture Shock, Gender and Communication In Nigeria

Culture shock is a lack of psychological and physical agreement experienced by someone when they move to a new cultural environment. It is a feeling of personal disorientation, initial crisis of understanding and adaption, someone experiences when suddenly confronted with an unfamiliar way of life, value system, attitudes and behavior. Culture shock is momentary psychological […]

Gender and Communication! Class Activity (Watch Interesting Videos Done By 500 Level Students On Gender Issues)

We discussed issues in gender and communication. Among such issues are gender and agriculture, gender and culture, and traditional gendered jobs. We embarked on various presentations reflecting issues on gender discussed in class. Some of the activities depicted gender issues in rural areas while others looked at gender issues in the cities. There exists gender […]

Gender and Communication Studies! Outdoor Quiz (500 level)

Recall that we discussed gender landscape and media landscape in class, explaining the relationship between the two. We believe you understood the lecture. We also discussed the relationship between gender and advertising, mentioning a few advertising stereotypes to buttress our points. Carefully study the adverts below and do an analysis of portrayal of gender stereotypes […]

Environmental Communication! Course Outline (400 Level, Part-time Programme)

COURSE COMPACT 2017/2018 Academic Session   Faculty: Social Sciences                                       Department: Mass Communication Course Code: MAC 461                            Unit(s): 2             Semester: First Course Title: Environment Communication Lecturer: Dr. Chinenye Nwabueze              Programme: B. Sc.    (A). BRIEF OVERVIEW OF COURSE This course provides an insight on the effective communication strategies that could be used in drawing […]

500L: Course Outline For Part-Time 500L (Environmental Communication)

COURSE: ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION COURSE CODE: MAC 416 Below are the course outline for 500L (Part-time students) 1. Understanding the concept of Environment 2. Environmental communication defined 3. Media of environmental communication 4. ICT’s and Environmental communication 5. Environmental news reporting 6. Mass media and the Environment 7. Green Marketing: A conceptual and Historical overview 8. […]