Thursday , November 23 2023

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Nigeria falls below expectations as countries with the largest average erect penis size in the world are revealed

Researchers have analyzed data from nearly 90 nations to discover which country’s men have the largest average erect penis size. The study, published by World Data, ranked Ecuadoran males as the world’s most well-endowed, tipping the tape measure at an impressive 6.93 inches. Out of the top 20 countries, half …

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Man Fries Garri Wearing Suit to Protest High level of Unemployment, Neglect of Agriculture in Nigeria (Photos, Video)

A man has protested the growing unemployment situation in Nigeria by wearing suit to fry garri. He also complained about what seems to be the neglect of Agriculture due to failure of government to fight insecurity affecting farmers. The man who is a content creator posted this picture on his …

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Monthly Media Reports on Suicide Incidents in Nigeria –April 2023

People experience suicidal thoughts due to various reasons such as frustration, depression, failed relationship, mental health challenge, academic failure, among others. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide. It is difficult to anticipate suicide in most instances and this makes it a …

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“Guys it’s been good I love you all” – Pentagon leak suspect Jack Teixeira made frantic final call to his friends before arrest

Massachusetts Air National Guardsman, Jack Teixeira, the suspect accused of leaking classified US intelligence, made a frantic final call to his gamer friends as the FBI closed in on him, professing he “never wanted it to get like this.” “Guys, it’s been good — I love you all,” Teixeira, 21, …

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