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Top Five Most Uncomfortable News Beats For Female Journalists in Nigeria

Globally, journalism is a male-dominated profession. Studies have documented an increase in the number of female students in journalism and mass communication courses worldwide. Though there is an increase of female students in journalism training schools, this did not translate to increase the number of women practicing the profession. In order words, male dominance is […]

Top 10 richest Nigerian musicians

In Nigeria, as in some other developing nations, artistes achieve fame without commensurate wealth because of the activities of pirates. This is unlike what obtains in developed societies where piracy laws are stringently applied, giving artistes opportunity to earn money through their works. The music industry in Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing industries nationwide, […]


The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) is the umbrella body of journalists in Nigeria with branches in every state. There are different chapels or sub-branches of NUJ in every state such as the correspondents chapel, information officers chapel, and the chapels belonging to specific media organisations in specific states. However, the umbrella body is the […]

Digital Marketing Agencies In Nigeria, See Top 10

Digital marketing is an activity that facilitates business expansion through online platforms. It involves website design, online advertising, social media utilization in product promotion, e-press conferences, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), among others. Digital marketing agencies have professionals dedicated to producing goal-targeted results even with small budgets without compromising on quality of services offered. Small business […]