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Campus Magazines in Nigerian Universities, See Full List of

Campus publications serve as platforms for students to convey their thoughts and opinions. Mass Communication departments publish magazines and newspapers as a way of fostering student journalism. Campus publications are very essential not just as training newspapers for mass communication students but for encouraging other students to pursue a career part in journalism while keeping […]

Three major sources of news

Reporters have a wide range of sources-which they can explore in search of newsworthy stories. These sources have been broken down into three broad categories – stored, personal and observational sources (Stovall, 2005, cited in Nwabueze, 2021). Every other source for getting facts for a story falls within these three broad categories. Stored Sources These […]

Types of Traditional communication channels

  The traditional or native communication channels exist in various forms; they are used in different ways for diverse purposes. They could be categorized as follows: entertainment media, ceremonial media, symbolic flora, symbolic fauna, folk heroes, location media, faith-based modes, word-based media, sounds and melodies, tradosocial media, tradotransit media and tradotronic media (Nwabueze, 2010a). Ceremonial […]