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Career Opportunities for Graduates of Mass Communication in Nigeria

A degree in mass communication is truly a gateway to creativity and brighter future. This is because of the versatile nature of this discipline. Mass communication offers a lot of opportunities for graduates in the discipline to excel. There is a wide range of career opportunities you can choose as a graduate in mass communication. Here is a list of interesting career opportunities for a mass communication graduate in Nigeria. Read this interesting article.

Career Opportunities for Mass Communication Graduates in Nigeria

Communication as we used to know it, has changed phenomenally and continues to evolve. Communication technology and media now transcends physical limits and boundaries and graduates of mass communication have it all to do in using their imagination and exploiting the ever expanding career opportunities now made possible.

Mass Communication is not limited to journalism alone as many would erroneously think. To a great extent mass media is a modern reality which covers all aspects of human life. Moreover, a great change can be observed in the concept of people working in mass media. Careers in Mass Communication can be high paying but also bring in a great deal of job satisfaction and expression of creativity.

The one major challenge that graduates of Mass Communication have to contend with is that unlike what was previously obtainable, people no longer a degree in journalism, mass communication or any other mass media field to compete as the democratisation of media technology and online platforms have totally changed the game.

Skills and Competencies that You Might Need

As a mass communicator here are a few of the skills you will need to acquire as a foundation to rising as far as you can in any chosen job or career related to the use of mass media but old and new.

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Verbal/written communication ability
Persuasive/Negotiation skills
Idea Evaluation
Accuracy and Attention to details (these days a little mistake can be amplified by the viral effect of mass media)
Research skills
Analytical skills

Career Opportunities

Mass media (which is what mass communication works with) has little boundaries. It is used to describe media platforms and channels that can be used for widespread communication and audience engagement. No longer are the radio and TV the major mass media used by mass communicators. The internet and mobile platforms along with all other new media have changed the definition and scope of mass media forever.

For you a graduate of mass communication desperate to know what possible options of lucrative careers you can pursue your imagination is the only limitation you may have. See below a snippet of careers and jobs you can do as a Mass Communication under various Industries;

Research analyst
Media Consultant (for business organisations)
Information Analyst
Information specialist
Customer service representative
Content Marketing Specialist

Educational writer
Media specialist
Media librarian

Technical writer
Newspaper editor
Rewrite editor
News director
Sports director
News analyst
Copyright specialist
Assignment editor
Radio/TV reporter
Print coordinator
Video journalist

Copyright specialist
Administrative assistant
Press secretary
Media specialist/analyst

Booking agent
Literary agent

Media buyer
Publicity director
Information specialist
Marketing communications trainee
Account management
Graphics & production specialist
Promotion representative

The above are not exhaustive and some of the careers listed above may also require additional professional education or training beyond that received for the Mass Communication degree.

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