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Bushpig meat delicacy in Nigeria (Video)

One of the unique delicacies that distinguish African food culture in some parts of the continent is bush pig meat. The bushpig is a member of the pig family that lives in forests, woodland, riverine vegetation and cultivated areas in some parts of Africa, but more popular in East and Southern Africa. The scientific name for bushpig is Potamochoerus larvatus. Bushpigs are nocturnal and can be very dangerous, as they use their sharp tusks to attack the enemy when threatened.

Ancient history has it that only very brave hunters went after bushpigs in traditional African societies. This animal is so dangerous that when different kinds of traps are set by hunters, the animal sometimes gets caught by some of these traps but has the ferocious power to free itself from the trap and even wait for the hunter to return. It pretends to be caught in the trap and when the hunter gets too close, the very angry pig then uses its tusks to brutally go for the hunter’s scrotum, a part of the body it derives joy in destroying. These are scary stories about the bushpig which make it a unique animal.

The bushpig is also found in Nigeria and well grilled bushpig meat is one popular delicacy enjoyed by both residents and tourists in various parts of the country. Rural news tourism took us to the popular East West express way where the road passes through Bayelsa State, precisely at Oporoma junction, where we had a taste of specially grilled bushpig. This spot is located off East West road, just after Kaiyama bridge, if you’re moving from Warri to Port Harcourt.

The most interesting aspect of this experience is getting to know the names given to various parts of the bushpig meat on sale. The use of these names is a way to entice the buyers and differentiate the expensive parts from others. We heard names such as matching ground (which is the pig leg), and white house (the pig tail). Others are Aso Rock, government house, loyal government, and man pass man.

This is really an interesting experience. You can always checkout this grilled bushpig spot at Oporoma junction in Bayelsa state. This is one experience you should have.

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