Monday , October 2 2023

Breeding Error! Meet the French Bulldog With no Eyes

Milly (Pix credit: animals.barcroft)
(Pix credit: Animals.barcroft)
Milly (right) and one of her brothers, Punch the Pug (Pix credit: animals.barcroft)

Behold the French bulldog with no eyes. Her name is Milly. She has three brothers one of which is cute-looking Punch the pug.

Animals.barcroft reported that Milly’s problem came as a result of over-breeding to achieve the bulging eyes found in brachycephalic breeds. The breeding plan failed and her eyes were completely out of proportion to her body and extremely infected. After her owner cleaned her eyes, it was discovered that Milly’s eyes were no longer functional. She was soon diagnosed with cataracts and glaucoma.

Animals.barcroft also reported that an attempt was made by an eye specialist who treated Milly for a year, to keep the pressure on her unusually swollen eyes down, but this did not work until one day her eyes exploded. A removal surgery was done the next day.

After the surgery, Milly recovered brilliantly and became very agile. Today she looks as cute as other normal French Bulldogs.

Please say the truth, is she not cute-looking? Would you not want to keep her with you in your room?

Milly after surgery (Pix credit: Animals.barcroft)

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  1. What a touching story. strange but true.
    quiz no 64

  2. No is not realy neccesary to keep milly because i don’t realy need a pet.

  3. how those this eyeless dog looks would ave said scary
    quiz no 158
    group 15

  4. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    They don’t no how to invest money…. They should come I’ll teach them well… Milly as her baby or what? this idols no go kill me for this world… hmm


    Cute ko Cute ni
    oyibo people soft work is in everything
    imagine treating a dog for a year and even performing surgery for a dog
    hmm not in NIGERIA Biko it’s their fault tho
    “over-breeding to achieve the
    bulging eyes found in brachycephalic breeds”

  6. So sorry but i don’t really need a pet. quiz no 8 group 11.

  7. why would anybody want a blind dog? having a blind dog is as good as not having a dog at all.

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