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Breakthrough! Nigerian Scientist Develops Therapy for Arthritis

The good image of Nigeria being projected by geniuses in the country has further progressed with the news that a Nigerian scientist based in Singapore, Dr. Jonathan Obaje has developed a therapy for degenerative diseases.

This was made known by Dr. Obaje while making a clinical presentation of the therapy in the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi recently.

Dr obaje said the ointment has been registered in the United States, Japan and Singapore, “its one of the top selling and we got many awards for its successes. The latest award was from Frosters in the U.S as most innovative product for 2016. Because many have not seen the benefit of this product.

“Immobility is the root cause of chronic diseases because when people have joint pain and cannot walk, what happens is that they begin to live a sedentary lifestyle, then issues like diabetes starts and high blood and all the other chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases. When you ask people to get involved in exercise you will hear more people say I would like to but I already have pain. I can’t do that because of pain. This is related to what aura technology is doing, we need to get people back on their feet. If people do not exercise because of pain, they get into what we call pain cycle, and start getting all the other chronic diseases, seeing doctors yet they don’t have time to do exercise .

“How do one get out of this pain cycle?. We will encourage people to start doing exercise no matter how mild the exercise, including walking to the market and climbing the stairs and whatever exercise you can do and continue to use the cream. When you have the pain, you need to use it actively, but once the pain goes down, you can start using it once or twice in a week but don’t give up active lifestyle, exercise,walking ,climbing the stairs and taking care of your diet.So that you keep yourself in what we call the healthy and happy cycle of life and that is what we need to maintain healthy population in the country. We need our civil servants, politicians and young people to stay healthy,” he said.

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