Saturday , May 21 2022

Breaking! ASUU Suspends One-Month Old Nation-wide Strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has announced what it described as a conditional suspension of its one-month old nation-wide strike.

The suspension was announced today (Monday) and lecturers have been directed to resume work tomorrow (Tuesday, September 19).

The Union announced that it only suspended the strike conditionally, pending when the Federal Government begins to sincerely show commitment to redeeming its promises during deliberations.

The union said that the suspension has time line for the Federal Government to implement what was contained in the memorandum of action the two parties entered into.

Briefing journalists after a meeting with the Federal Government Negotiation Team, the National President of ASUU, Prof. Abiodun Ogunyemi said in event the government in her characteristic mature failed to implement the agreement, the union will not hesitate to take appropriate action, adding that all the items on the list have a time line.

ASUU and the Federal Government team led by the Minister of Labour and Employment Senator Chris Ngige had lurked in a meeting that started about 4.00pm which was supposed to last for about one hour, but it dragged for about four hours before agreement was reached on all contending issues.
Briefing Journalist after the meeting which ended at about 7.55pm, Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige said all the gray areas have been sorted out and an agreement reached.
He said that members of the union had insisted that they were tired of having agreements that are not implemented, pointing out that the content of the agreement was taken from the series of meeting with the union since the commencement of the strike.
He said further that that both the government and the union understood themselves and agreed in several issues, assuring that the agreement reached will be implemented by the government in line with available resources.
Areas of agreement include funding for revitalization of public universities and the issue of Earn Academic Allowances, the issue of University Staff Schools and the implementation of the judgement of the National Industrial Court, National Universities Pension Management Company and guidelines for pension matters for Professors.
He also said that the union agreed to the exemption offered by the government regarding the issue of TSA, which include the issue of grants, endowment fund as well as salary short fall which he said is already being implemented by government.
On the issue of state universities, he said they agreed that the union will submit a position paper to the federal government on their observation with a view for government to advise state government on the funding of state universities.
He describe the union as patriotic members of the society, pointing out that anybody who demand better working equipment is no doubt a patriot.

About Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. Thank God. Remaing NASU strike!

  2. Good news.

    Has their demands been met?


    There’s no point calling off The strike only to start another strike next year.

    Nigerian Education system is in jeopardy.

  3. is this for real???pls when are we resuming school oo

  4. Thank God ,he has answered our prayers.

  5. Thank God I have to get bk to school.just pray this doesn’t repeat again.FG please Oooo. I won graduate normal time oooo

  6. I love this…back to school life

  7. Hmmm.. i did not even enjoy this holiday at all,shaa,thankGod theybve called off the Strike

  8. finally it has been done… hope it lasts…

  9. Nwakile Maureen Uzoma

    Thank God, finally they suspended it, whether conditionally or not this is good news, best news so far, thank you Asuu

  10. Onyeka onyinye precious

    Thank God. This is an improvement at least.

  11. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    Wow nice…I can’t wait to be in school soon…

  12. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    now I have 2 take off my dancing shoes nd get my skul shoes…Igbariam here I com

  13. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    when are we to resume.



  15. To God be the glory

  16. Thank God, finally we are back to school again

  17. why are they calling of now I have landed myself a decent job …mtchew…….

  18. Thank God!glad the strike has been called off.

  19. Emechebe Chiamaka Precious

    me I tnk God ooooo finally

  20. Good news I’m so happy

  21. TRUTH BE TOLD…..i still need this strike to be PROLONGED
    @least for the past one month I have sleeping peacefully without fear of being late to WEDNESDAYS AND THURSDAYS LECTURES
    Lemme kuku go and iron my purple 👚 shirt

    • You better hurry up because I just launched Operation Quiz Dance which will see each class having not less than seven quizzes per lecture. Trust me! No joke here. You guys have enjoyed for too long at home and I am unhappy about that. I am waiting for all of you at the school gate with lorry load of Internet quizzes.

      • OMG! As I don fat lyk dz, so na e b say I go soon join the slim guys, chai! No hope for me again as I don dy collect glory say na me get body pass….

        Another Quiz way dy burst brain coming soon……, I nearly went to psychiatric hospital after witnessing the madness quiz last semester……. Terry G wait for me Cuz I go join u soon….

      • wow!!!
        this is so interesting Sir
        so no more MADNESS QUIZ AGAIN it’s now OPERATION QUIZ DANCE!!!
        I hope everyone gets d tone and dance steps to this colossal Dance

        • Ezeifeka Emmanuella

          Lol, Karen So That means we have to start practicing the dance moves so that we can all dance to the rhythm of the music

          • Emmanuella that’s no longer going to happen. I just noticed that all the mails I sent on the quiz have appeared on campus blogs and even Facebook. No wahala. I have changed my mind. No more dance here. I am taking after the operations launched recently in the South East. So the new operation I have just launched is Operation Python Quiz!!!
            I am planning madness quiz, midterm quiz, internet quiz, google quiz and the sudden quiz all in the first week of lectures. This includes the five-in-one quiz per lecture. For every Wednesday and Thursday you people stayed at home during the strike, I will collect all the quizzes once you return. So the new plan now is OPERATION PYTHON QUIZ. You know how it happens. You can also tell your social media friends who posted this online to add this update. And the more they post this online the more I tighten the operation o! Each of you should make sure you enter the hall with not less than five foolscap sheets. So no dance again. And don’t forget, “No Uniform, No Quiz!!!”. You can’t beat us in this game. I told you guys. No time at all!!!

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    Happy New Semester my people…

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    dis Wednesday and Thursday quiz is seriously shaking my head
    😢😢 …. 😢😢😢😢😢😢oooo I don’t even know where I kept my departmental wear 😥

    • Well who no know go know. The time is 7.30am, not 7.31am. I mean it o. better get it now, wash, dry, iron and keep it well. In fact, I will advise it to wear it two days before you return so that you won’t forget it at home. Then keep wearing it till the lecture day.

  24. Any time I remember GET WORRIED 🙅 my mind gets down😕

  25. Thank God finally

  26. Finally o.There is an improvement then

  27. Let everybody go back to school there are no jobs in Nigeria.

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