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Blessing CEO Biography

There are bloggers in Nigeria who are both controversial and successful, with increasing audience base on their various social media platforms. These personalities might look controversial to some people but they’re surely role models to many. One of the famous celebrities in this group is Blessing Nkiruka Okoro.

Who is Blessing Okoro?

Blessing Nkiruka Okoro is one of the most popular Nigerian relationship bloggers. She is also the founder of Break or Makeup, a relationship blog where she shares videos and messages about women Empowerment and Domestic Violence. She is popularly known as Blessing CEO. Some the videos she shares online are mostly inspirational with messages about women Empowerment and Domestic Violence. She is also very popular as an Instagram influencer. She is a successful blogger and content creator. She describes herself as a certified controversial relationship/mental expert, and an intellectual entertainer.

Early Life

Blessing was born on May 23, 1989. Growing up was not easy for her, just like many other young Nigerians, so she had to put it extra effort to make it in life. Her story is truly inspirational.

Her First Job

What many people are seeing today is Blessing’s success story. What many do not know is that she had to trek through the streets of Calabar looking for a job and believing that her confidence will surely get her a job. And it did. Here’s was she said in an interview, while narrating the story of her difficult beginning;

“After I had an extra year in school and my mates had gone for NYSC, I rewrote my exams and waited for the next batch. I was frustrated and depressed because I was going through divorce and battle of child custody I needed to go out and keep my mind busy but I had nobody or contact.

“So that morning I took one of the suit my ex bought me on my 20th and wore it. I had no transport fair but I was determined to get a job. Since i was still an undergraduate I knew I might not get the best of jobs but I told myself I will get the best of my kind. So I walked from goldie to Transcorp hotels in Calabar, if u saw me that early morning walking with so much confidence you will think I was walking to pick my car. I trekked that morning with my suit and beautiful makeup, until I got to Transcop hotels. When I got to the gate my heart started beating, but I held myself and walked into the gate, the gateman stopped me and asked if I had an appointment and I said yes, with the manager.

“He greeted me and I walked to the reception boldly and sat down.
I swear to God I was scared because I did not know anybody or my right to my left. I was just seated looking and forming calls. I saw a newspaper so I quickly buried my face in it, but I was looking around. Until after 40min I saw one man coming down from the staircase and I walked up to him straight up.

“Good morning sir. He replied good morning. I started. Sir, please I want to talk to you about something, he said go ahead and I said can we sit, yes that is how confident I am, he said tell me here.

“So I started, sir please I need a job, I beg you in the name of God I don’t want to abuse my body when I can work with my hands to survive, sir please help me.

“The man looked at me, looked at me again and smiled. He said, I love your confidence, and to add you have a good diction. Follow me. He took me straight to the MD and said give her a job. I did not know that I just spoke to one of the biggest share holders in Transcorp. And that was it, I never saw him again in my life. That was my first breakthrough to exposure. My confidence gave everything.”


Blessing began her love life at the age of 14 and got married at the age of 18. When she started dating her husband, he was 10 years older than her. According to her story, she was married for one year and six months before she parted ways with her husband.

Success Story

Despite her troubled beginning and marital challenges, Blessing has achieved a lot for herself, acquiring expensive cars and building houses. Three years into the blogging she bought her first car, a brand new Benz for her 29th birthday. Determined to become successful in her hustle, Blessing built her own house after she was reportedly stranded due to a failed relationship. Narrating her story and challenges on Instagram, she said she always prayed for her Man’s success above hers and as a result of her prayers and support, her man moved from living in his father’s compound and to a 3-bedroom apartment. She said she couldn’t wait to live in the new house and dreamt of what life would be like in the house but she never lived in it. As soon as it was completed, her boyfriend separated from her. She said she pleaded with him but that didn’t change his mind. She then vowed to succeed in her own right and build her house. Today, she has completed a 2-storey building consisting of 6 flats for rent. She went on to advise women to ensure they don’t forget to build themselves while building with a man.


Blessing is also known for her controversial comments and presentations on social media. She once said had four men in her life serving different purposes. One was her f—k boy, another served as a house boy, one as an intellectual partner, and the other as a money bag. She dishes out her relationship talks hot and raw, not minding which gender might not be happy with her. She once did a presentation where she said men were more loyal than women in a relationship and this did not go down well with many women who probably felt (as seen from their comments) that she was being unfair to women in her comments.

Blessing also went viral after she was arrested for trying to pass off someone else’s house as hers and took a photo in front of it. She was seen in a viral video pleading in tears for forgiveness while wearing handcuffs. In an interview with Daddy Freeze, Blessing admitted that the house indeed belonged to a man called Onye Eze but her intention was never to deceive the public but to use the same model for her house. According to the single mother, the post wasn’t meant to deceive people but to encourage and inspire them. She explained that she was set up by friends of Onye Eze who lured her back into the compound and threatened to flog her with belts and made her do and say the things she said in the video. She has since moved on after the incident.


Blessing believes that confidence is very essential in achieving life goals. She always says confidence is what has helped her to the top. According to her: “A whole lot of people hate me because they mistake my confidence for pride. I walk with so much guts like I own the world and when they see me they be like who the fuck does she think she is. Guess what? They always say it behind my back, none of them has been confident enough to tell me to me face, you know why? I am confident about their imagination. I am what they want to be. Baby girl walk with confidence, raise your head so high and look people straight in the eyes and speak. That is your girl power.”

No matter how some people see her, Blessing is a role model to many young ladies in Nigeria who see her as a typical example of how a woman can survive and make it big on her on. She is one of Nigeria’s most admired social media influencers especially among the youth.


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