#BlastFromThePast! See Advert Production of Mass Comm. COOU Students done by 2012 (300 Level) Class (Cool Breeze Group) VIDEO


I begin today’s introduction by apologizing on behalf of those you see in this package called advert.

I decided to upload it on Sunday afternoon because it was agreed that all those who participated in this one will be confessing in evening service (Uka Mgbede) near their homes. In fact, after the advert, they were given conditions to be at every Uka Mgbede to hide and confess their academic sins for packaging this thing. There was a major error; They set out to do a deodorant advert but one of the group members brought a fetish perfume from a Voodoo shrine in Cambodia and gave them. They never knew. After spraying it you will see them moving somehow in the advert. Forgive them for they know not the perfume they sprayed. It was not Cool Breeze. We will do better next time.




(Click on ‘Classroom’ category above for other advert productions already uploaded)

NOTE: These are classroom productions and cannot be used by any person or in any form.

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