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Blast From The Past! See Advert Production by Mass Comm Students of COOU, 2014 class (Mama Lemon Group) (VIDEO)

In our “Blast from the Past” series we roll out the practical activities of Advertising class, department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University. The students engage in advert productions once they get to 300 level. This practice dates back to about 10 years. We will be presenting the ones that are among the best ever produced by the students; let the World view and judge for themselves. We understand that what is best for one viewer may not be so to another viewer. So this is a section for those productions to be appreciated.

Today we present an advert production by a group in the advert class of 2014 (Mama Lemon Group)

Watch video here:


Download video here:

NOTE: These are classroom productions and cannot be used by any person or in any form.


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  1. Ikegbunam, Peter Chierike

    Blast from the past is truly a flashback to the life before now. Seeing this advert once again catapults my mind back to our university days. Seeing old friends and foes once again in an audio-visual medium. Is a day that people involved cannot forget in a hurry. Very tedious and challenging with attending threats of being collapsed for any slight misconduct. It is called “learning the hard way” Writing and acting a script is a big job. If you doubt, me try one; one day and give kudos to Nigerian Nolloywood industry. Igbawood taught me this lesson. Other classmates who actively participated in the production will tell more. Chiazor is the leader of this group. The only female group leader that day. All thanks to our lecturer, Dr C.D Nwabueze who used all his efforts and strength to ginger us into action then. Kudos to him

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