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Bizarre! ‘Witch’ Crashes through Roof Top into Church in Owerri


Roof of Royal Faith International Ministries where the Witch Crashed through, into the church

Residents of Owerri are still shocked by reports of a frightening incident that occurred in the city when a witch allegedly fell from the sky, crashing through the roof of a church in the early hours of a quiet morning.

The witch was said to have crashed into Royal Faith International Ministries, located at number 6b Onyeche Street, by Douglas Road, Owerri.

Royal Faith International Ministries, located at number 6b Onyeche Street, by Douglas Road, Owerri, where the incident happened

Reports have it that the incident began at about 5am on Tuesday, August 15, when neighbours sleeping in buildings around the church heard the voice of a woman shouting “I want to fly, I want to fly!” They quickly rushed outside into the dark early morning to see a woman on top of the Church roof attempting to jump and fly off to no avail. As the woman kept jumping as if she was making efforts to fly, she crashed through the roof of the church. A loud thud was heard inside the Church as the woman landed heavily.

After a while, the woman broke through the wall of the church close to the door. The walls are made of wooden planks and zinc so it was easy to puncture. As she emerged from the church, a crowd of shocked residents were outside, some of them with big stones ready to target her. It was reported that she started pleading with them, “please I am a widow, please let me go, I am a widow.’

One of the residents who spoke to massmediang on the basis of anonymity said those of them that came outside saw the middle-aged woman pleading that she was a widow. “We were afraid to go near her so we stayed where we were,” she said.

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It was reported that about five vigilante members arrived the scene and as they flashed their torchlight on the woman, the touchlight bulbs blew and went dead. At this point people became more scared and stayed away from the woman as she walked away with blood-stained body.

Rev. Chris Ihekworobiri, Senior Pastor of the Church

Narrating the incident to massmediang, the Senior Pastor of the Church, Reverend Chris Ihekworobiri said he was not around when the incident occurred because he does not live in the Church. He said his Church had prayer meeting that Tuesday morning so he was getting to the Church around 7am only to see a large crowd of people in the church premises. “I concluded that robbers had attacked the Church the previous night and probably made away with our musical equipment. But when I got closer, I looked and saw a hole made close to the door of the church, I felt that was where the thieves had moved in and out from. But a woman who witnessed the event, also a neighbour, came I told me it was a witch that fell into the church at night.”

Rev. Ihekworobiri said when he got into the church, he saw a pool of blood on the floor directly opposite the open roof, and another thicker pool of blood that could contain about half a small bucket, at another corner of the church. “We suspect that the witch must have vomited the blood there, probably the one she drank before falling into the church.  It was very thick and can get up to half bucket of water,” he said. The Senior Pastor also said he discovered that the podium of at the altar had been mysteriously moved from the center of the alter where it was left the day before to the extreme left corner of the Church, close to the altar.

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Rev. Ihekworobiri said he had made efforts to get press men to report the event but those he called were skeptical because the alleged witch was not caught. He said he believes the witch could not fly over the roof because the power of God was at work in the atmosphere around there.

The blue Podium on the Church Altar was mysteriously moved to the extreme left corner away from the altar that night
Open roof showing where the witch crashed through into the church

Some other witnesses believe that the incident was not found newsworthy by the press because the Church involved was not one of the flashy, popular Churches in town. “It is because the pastor is unknown and his church is obscure, that is why the whole nation has not heard this. Are you telling me that if this had happened in one of those popular Pentecostal churches, anybody will be asking you where the witch is before reporting this story?” a source said.

At the time massmediang visited the church, the roof areas damaged by the alleged witch were yet to be repaid.

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