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Bizarre! Meet the man who had surgery to get horns (Photos)

We do not know what the entertainment industry is turning into across the globe. But this trending gist from Jamaica is scary.

The young man in the pictures below is a Jamaican artist, he is known as Furtyle Brain.

He wanted to change his looks so he consulted a Canadian surgeon who helped with the implantation of the horns, Tuko.ke learnt.

The most logical explanation for this would be to accept that the world is indeed coming to an end. No one can really understand why any rational being would decide to have horns implanted in his head when he is not dressed up for Halloween.

Finding the reason for his action may take the whole day as you may never be able to fully understand his reasons. Thus, trying to think like Furtile Brain may be a futile endeavour. For something to be described as futile means it is incapable of producing any useful result.

Why thinking about his reasons, try not to wonder what could have happened to his brain in the process if the surgery had gone wrong. You never can tell, the horn may be a source of inspiration to him for his musical career.

This report was initially carried by Tuko.ke before https://www.gistreel.com/man-who-had-surgery-to-get-horns carried it

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    People self, so he prefers being a goat? to being human.

  2. chisom Janefrances

    What of inspiration would it bring to people……is not better he change his whole body to goat than his head….
    seriously I don’t know what this country is turning into…..(Sodom and Gomorrah)

  3. Okonkwo Mary ogechukwu

    Will not blame him for we ladies go for body shape and make up to look as we want.so for him,he prefered horns to look good.no man’s thought is bad

  4. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Or maybe he knew that he won’t make heaven so he then decide to be a beast to help ? devil in accomplishing his mission.

  5. This is madness. He want to change his looks hmmm he should have used cow horn because goat horn is too small. Madness in the air

  6. opara chukwuemeka.w.Kenneth

    this is a good sign of end time,and of what use will the horn do to him,this is real sign of end time.

  7. people are so dramatic horns for what if he asked

  8. Nnanyelugo karen

    Thoughtless action..! How
    can someone on his right senses prefer a penny to note!!
    Anyway that is his choice….moreover “ONE MAN’S FOOD IS ANOTHER MAN’S POISON”

  9. Deborah nwankwo ogechi

    He’s apparently a goat now..The end is near..

  10. So his inspiration comes from goats. I wonder the kind of message he intends to pass across to people who listen to his songs. It’s a shame really what some wrong thinking individuals can come up with when allowed freedom. I believe he should be isolated for this rubbish before this starts giving other people wierder ideas.

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