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What!!!! 34-year-old man sleeps with 57 women in 24 hours, breaks 34-year record, rushed to hospital after 57th woman

Pix credit: Zambian Observer

A 34-year-old man from Singapore has broken a 34-year record by successfully having intercourse with 57 different women within a 24-hour period.

 Europe Herald reports that the erstwhile record holder successfully had sex with 55 women in a 24-hour period in 1983.

The record was set in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, as part of an annual event run by a local brothel.

The man, who was not named by local Czech media, told reporters that he had been training hard for months and was delighted to have broken the previous record, which stood at 55.

“I’ve always been a bit of a sex addict, and when I learned that the brothel was having a world record attempt, I knew I had to come and give it a go,” he said.

“I took it really seriously and trained for it just like an athlete would

“I took it really seriously and trained for it just like an athlete would prepare for a marathon. In some ways, it’s actually much harder than a lot of professional sports.”

The world record attempt began at midnight local time, with officials looking on as the man commenced intercourse with his first partner.

“For the world record to count, every woman I slept with had to be different, so the venue had to hire a number of girls from other brothels,” the unnamed man said.

By midday, he was ahead of world-record pace, having slept with 29 women.

“I started to get a bit of a cramp around then, but luckily, we had a physiotherapist on hand to give me a massage, which helped out,” he told journalists.

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As part of the conditions attached to the world record, no challenger is allowed to take any prescription medicine to enhance their erection, and the Singaporean man passed a test to reveal his system was clear of such medication.

“Natural remedies are permitted, but I won’t disclose what supplements I take,” he said.

In addition, for each individual session of intercourse to count, the participant must ejaculate more than 5ml of semen.

The record officials were on hand to dutifully measure the amount of fluid ejaculated by the man at the end of each session.

“It’s not the most sought-after job, but we find it rewarding in our own way,” said one of the judges involved.

The previous record holder, an American porn actor, slept with 55 women within a single 24-hour period back in 1983 as a promotional stunt for a new film release.

For decades, men around the world have tried – and failed – to break that mark.

“I personally never thought the record would be broken,” said one judge. “It’s a true credit to this man’s determination and perseverance.”

Just shortly before 11pm, the man broke the record after he completed his 56th session of intercourse, and officials were impressed when he decided to add one more to the tally to finish with 57.

Officials believe it will be unlikely for the record to ever be broken, particularly as such a high volume of sex in a short period of time causes great trauma to the penis.

“As soon as he finished his 57th partner, he was rushed to hospital for treatment to his penis,” said one official.

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“In the past, men have actually chafed their penis so much attempting to break the record that they’ve had to have skin grafts; and in one severe case, amputation was actually required.

Clearly it’s a risky record to break.”
Source: Europe Herald

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  1. Dumaka Francis U

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth… can this man make heaven with this kind of record,am looking for where to faint after reading this…so on the last day God would ask him”My son my son what did you achieve while on earth?,boldly he would tell God how he broke the record…can’t stop laughing…hahahahahah,abeg someone should show me where to faint

  2. Unbelievable

    He really took a very big risk

    Quiz no 73
    Group 4

  3. There is nothing one will not see on this world hmmm 57 women under 24 hours it’s unbelievable this man is a German machine ooo

  4. Just because one has 2 break record,he wants to kill himself having sex,this world is really turning into something else.
    Quiz no:72
    Group 1

  5. hahaha.. hilarious,hope he gets better,gat nothing to say

  6. what a dangerous act to embark on. Only God can help us o
    Group 8
    Quiz number 97

  7. Omoh, this is terrible

  8. igbonekwu sylvester

    He has done well,let’s give him an award

  9. ora joseph chinedu

    Wow wonderful

  10. Mad man… your mates are breaking record for souls been won for Christ and you are here breaking sex record… My dear i weep for you

  11. hmmmmmm…… wonder shall never end

  12. Okafor chidimma Stephnie 2015054139


  13. Ebeagwu chinonye

    hmmmm… how possible is this biko

  14. Ebeagwu chinonye

    hmmmm… how possible is this…. still trying to comprehend it

  15. Lol.. what a big hit/heat, too bad!

  16. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    Wonders shall end!!!, this thing cannot happened in this country Nigeria because these white men always want to break any record they find difficult on it. But if the man died in the process, what will be his gain???

  17. ? wonders will never end please I pray that the man doesn’t die at the hospital

  18. This is strange,it never been heard of,it’s weird 2015054087

  19. This is not worthy to be called a record… he should find better things to make records with other than having sex with different women…2015054058

  20. Unbelievable this kind of record shouldn’t be recognized… 2015054054

  21. Hmm….what an unpleasant record
    Reg no:2015054135.

  22. umeofor chizaram

    This is a filthy happening and it shouldn’t be a thing of prestige.

  23. This unknown man, I must say that he know how to do good bad things. I now believe strongly that sexual imorality is legal in the outside world. Kudos to him.

  24. OMG……….. What is really happening in this life, can this really be possible. Is the man really a human being or what?. Sign of end time,God help us

  25. hmm Wat is this world turning into …..God save us2015054063

  26. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    Mehn this man is a real power horse..57women,24hrs..looking 4 a suitable name(group 10… quiz no 33

  27. Ah I’m short of words o…while others are busy trying to break the record of being the richest, most popular and the most known intellectual in the world. Some is out there trying to brak the record of sleeping with 54 women in 24hrs to 57 women. I must confess this really weaked me oo. He just than his still alive and pray his manhood wouldn’t be ampute.

  28. Okoli Ijeoma P (132)

    its really crazy… i don’t know why any man should sign in for that kind of contest… they shouldn’t have taken him to a hospital. he should have continued….. i wonder what the world is turning into

  29. Nakmeme Obinna D

    there is nothing someone will not hear in this world….why was he rushed to the hospital after 57 woman….he supposed to stand as a great man he is.

  30. udechukwu chiamaka

    my prayer is that let him die on that hospital bed
    Udechukwu CHIAMAKA(2015054017)

  31. udechukwu chiamaka

    my prayer is that he die on that hospital bed
    Udechukwu CHIAMAKA(2015054017)

  32. My friend Kenny Swag on reading this news said “It is nothing! If I am given 60 women and a period of 24 hours, I can do more”. I don’t exactly know how he intends to to that.

    So this is my opinion, 57 women should mean 57 different spirits. Gosh, I am not in.

  33. Nwoka Ngozi Victoria

    Good work, working out for 57 different women and spirit, I carry hand of home.

  34. I find this so very difficult to believe,biko I need a full prove to believe this

  35. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Quiz no 154
    This isn’t just madness but the highest level of stupidity People with different perspective

  36. godwin ejedoghaobi

    Kudos to him ,at least let us all appreciate what this man did ,57 differenwomen he is a real man. Godwin ejedoghaobi 2016054015
    Mass com 100 level

  37. Incredible. The man has super strength.I don’t think he will ever remain the same after this. what is the essence of breaking this record anyway? To prove that he is a sex machine?

  38. Incredible. The man has super strength.I don’t think he will ever remain the same after this. what is the essence of breaking this record anyway? To prove that he is a sex machine? They even measured d amount of fluid that came out. They have time shaa.

  39. Nwankwo Deborah Ogechi , 2016054130,group 2

    As e dey hot! i remove cap oo Baba..

  40. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    Nawa oo.57 women within 24 hours if even na sex machine. This is really strange
    quiz no 125

  41. chisom Janefrances

    May God have mercy on the man’s soul.

  42. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    This is really end time, so someone can do this kind of thing and be proud of it,God have mercy on this generation.

  43. Nnabuenyi Samuel Somto 2016054063

    Hmm this is the best example for the news determinant “oddity”.. Such captivating ,amazing and beyond the ordinary.this kind of news will suite the newspaper front-page plausabely this guy said something that he was one type of medic he use ,its going to be very useful if men try to dig out this remedy because poor sex duration is one of the biggest handicap in most marriages.

  44. What a world….. Great record indeed. If he eventually die in that hospital, one way straight to hell fire no mercy. He may even become Devils personal assistant. He need Jesus plus the holy Ghost back to back.

  45. Ofodile Diana uchechukwu

    Hmmm this is strange

  46. This world is full of evil indeed, I can believe that of evil,what a dangerous mess.
    Quiz no 120

  47. Ezenyimulu Okechukwu

    Nawoo!! There is nothing someone cant hear

  48. This man needs psychotherapy….

    Quiz: 89

  49. is this how you use to do!!! g15 01

  50. vivian ezeh chinaecherem

    chaii this is terrible that man really need jesus in his life…hahahaha let me come and be going

  51. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    what nonsense..he should go and win thousands of souls for Christ instead of selling his soul to the devil…well that’s his life not mine(2015054104

  52. I doubt if he is going to survive at the hospital, 57 women under 24 hours so hilarious

  53. this is absurd,just to break one record you get to risk your life,what if he had died in the process.and in his mind he has broke record..
    reg no(2016054154)

  54. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    Men can be unpredictable at times but this man needs family deliverance and liberation

  55. It happens cause this is now Sodom and Gomorrah in the making…..I won’t be surprise to hear more atrocities happening cause we are now in a perilous time..

  56. How can a man in his right senses sleep with 57 women…Hmmm, he is such a scoundrel,a man with vision… Hell awaits him if he dies without repenting

  57. All i have to say is wherever that man is he should come to my church mountain of fire for deliverance before its too late…. because his hellfire will have room and parlour self contain.

  58. Nwufo Vivian Chidimma, Group 2, quiz no 144

    mhhhw this is totally unbelievable, how did he do that, was it not paining him down there, was he never tired ? what a hall. But I think I that.

  59. 57 WOMEN!!!!! who knows how many spirits that has been transferred upon this brother who invested his efforts in training to screw 57 different ladies, bros so for ur mind u don break record ba? no yawa, once d demons from d ladies start disturbing u, just locate Nigeria, u need deliverance cause sex is spiritual
    quiz no:118
    group no:6
    reg no:2016054050

  60. 57 WOMEN!!!!! who knows how many spirits that has been transferred upon this brother who invested his efforts in training to screw 57 different ladies, bros so for ur mind u don break record ba? no yawa, once d demons from d ladies start disturbing u, just locate Nigeria, u need deliverance cause sex is spiritual, LA mountain of fire b ur next step man
    quiz no:118
    group no:6
    reg no:2016054050

  61. Iferika Ogochukwu Anastasia

    Hmmm!! Man of nowadays I weep for them shaa


  62. This is unbelievable,so if people are breaking world record for other things sex is part of it and to worsen it the fellow is proud to categorically state the number of women he slept with in 24 hours ohhh what a world.
    Group no:10

  63. ndubisi Chidimma Lilian 2016054080

    Jesus Christ,dis man really tried oooo,but can’t still believe dis oooo


    Just imagine all the 57 women are carriers of one disease or the other
    Just imagine they are all Marine spirit
    Can you imagine!!!!
    When he Dies in that condition, what will he tell GOD….
    Thank GOD it did not kukuma happen in Nigeria Lolz

  65. He should just die there.2016054016

  66. Unbelievable, congratulations to him since that’s his own achievement
    Quiz number:3
    Group number: 15 A
    Reg number :2016054049

  67. That man will have sex in is life again after this experience … God have mercy… 57 women.. Jesus!!

  68. That man is from the pit of hell,those girls he slept with their name is sorry,he came for that assignment fortified it was pointless for the officials taking him to the hospital for treatment.
    Reg no:2016054018
    Quiz no:83
    Group :5

  69. What a weird record. God help us and all of you that are criticising him, at least his using his talent well. I hail sha

  70. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    speechless dis is end tym oo, u ar busy talking abt d guy dem 57 ladies ar dey mad.dis our God Na patient God ooo, if to Say man b God.

  71. lol how can this be possible
    quiz no-133

  72. wow I think their is more to this story that is not been shared, how will he sleep with 57 women in 24hrs What!!!he deserves what came his way

  73. what is this world turning into….they need to arrest that man…God i pray you forgive him
    Benjamin David 2015054080


    Hmmmm.. wonder Shall never end
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  75. Haaaaaa…… Some people never cease to amaze me sha.

  76. hilarious, i cant believe it that man is a power horse

  77. This record is ridiculous and is a shameful act but since he has broken the record kudos to him 2016054048 group 14 no 14

  78. Oyaa clap for yourself ? This is a shameful act may God help us2016054017

  79. He really risked his life just to break a record .hmmmm

  80. He really risked his life just to break a record.hmmmm.2016054009

  81. this is one hell of a news.. lol…he should have reached 60. I hail him

  82. this is one hell of a news… lol… he should have reached 60. I hail him
    reg no. 2016054109
    quiz no. 99

  83. This is a very risky game. I pray that the man comes out of the hospital safe and sound and after that he should ask for forgiveness of sins. Group 9 quiz number 24.

  84. nwoye mary chioma

    The deed has veBeenen done.what eelsekse can we do?
    In life people make crazy decision, not knowing what it might lead them into…He(the old man) found himself as a sex addict thinking he could not stop it decided to use it get fame for himself and it lead him to the hospital….
    it only teaches us to treat what ever week point we have cause we might not know the side-effect till it knocks us down
    Group 6

  85. Aguinam-ojukwu Faustina

    after this act of his…can he survive??
    now he has broken the record… wat was his achievement/reward??
    Quiz no 91
    Group 15A

  86. Hmmmmmm, This is really strange.
    Quiz 16
    Group 15

  87. udorji ozioma yvonne

    na Waoo this is highly incredible unbelievable ,how possible could this be .This boy is nw superstar….(32)

  88. Mr man I fear for your old age and health(2016054136

  89. Hei who knows if that man is a normal human being (2016054119)

  90. Mennnn! I read this without breathing till I got to the end.Am still wondering where they got those set of disgusting judges. Oga,am weeping for you.
    Quiz no 101
    Group 9

  91. chidume happiness. C

    Nawa oooo, u don carry award. May God have upon you. Quiz no 102

  92. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Lol….hahhahah Gracious God..biko am speechless this man needs to visit a rehab.

  93. Ezike Onyeka,Emmanuel

    The man has set a record to be broken someday. But he needs serious deliverance. More women double demons.

    Group 10, quiz no :86, 2016054014

  94. Nawa oooo

    Still can’t believe this

  95. wonders shall never end oo!!..

  96. this one is mad oo…you better utilize your excess strength elsewhere.

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