Tuesday , January 31 2023

Bishop Surrenders His Ministry Claiming That God Has Shown Him It Has No Clear Future


This could be described as a case of shepherd abandoning the sheep in the middle of nowhere to save his own life.

Not less than 2,000 Christian believers belonging to the National Souls Outreach for Christ Ministries have been left in confusion after their founder, Bishop George Opiyo decided to disband his ministry. The church which was founded 25 years ago had established over 9 branches at the boarders of Kenya and Uganda and other parts of Uganda.

Bishop Opiyo had told Christians during a religious function with other church leaders over the weekend that he had received revelation from God. He claims that the Lord had told him to disband his ministry since it had no clear future.

The bishop claims that God has told him to stop being a Bishop and start serving like a normal and ordinary Christian. The Bishop claims that he will hand over his ministry to Deliverance Churches and deregister it from the registering body.

He has washed his hands and warned those Christians who will be disobedient to God’s revelation that they will face God’s wrath alone. He says that he doesn’t want any regrets, complains and blames from people if God’s revelation comes to pass. Other churches have agreed with this decision to quit being a leader as one way of obeying the revelation from God.


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