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Beauty Disaster! 10 make-up mistakes that can make you look older


This piece could be very useful to those of you who care about their looks. The rich presentation below will help you avoid mistakes so that you will make up to look better, not to look like a masquerade. Read it!

10 make-up mistakes that can make you look older

Are you making any of these mistakes?

Your 20s and early 30s are the experimental years, Here, you could pull off any make-up trend without many failures. These are followed by the ‘less experimental’ years where you can’t follow your old makeup routine as your skin now requires some extra care. The point is to age gracefully, to look youthful and not old.

Excess foundation

Foundation is a crucial product when it comes to make-up. As we age, this crucial product becomes trickier to pull off. Heavy foundation can settle into fine lines and creases which would play up on your imperfections. On the other hand, not using a foundation can make you look haggard. So, the best option is to use a medium coverage liquid or cream foundation which consists of a moisturiser. The more hydrated you look, the better!

Applying too much make-up

This is a BIG NO irrespective of age. Everything should be done in moderation be it consumption of food, exercise or application of make-up. Layering on make-up is going to do nothing but add years to your face. It will make you look older and artificial. Stick with light-weight products which will conceal all your problem areas.

Not using an eye cream

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Concealing your dark circles is the right way to go but don’t forget to prep your skin before that. The skin under your eyes is very delicate and thin. That’s the reason it tends to darken and blue lines show through it. Prep your skin with a hydrating under eye cream followed by a colour corrector. This would hide the pigmentation and leave you looking younger.

Leaving out the brows

Not paying attention to your brows is another mistake which can make you look older. Well-defined brows can give a youthful look. So, make sure you fill in the sparse areas with a pencil. If they are too thin or grey, use a brow shadow or mascara to shape them properly.

Applying too much powder

As you age, your skin loses its moisture and becomes dry. So, a combination of dry skin and powder can be tragic. Powder has the tendency to settle into fine lines and make you look old. If you feel powder is an important part of your make-up routine, then use a smaller brush to apply it. Apply a small amount just where you need it, in places like your T-zone, unless you’re really into the granny look.

Wearing dark-coloured lipsticks

As we age, our once plump and defined lips lose their definition and tend to become thinner. In this case, dark lip color will only highlight your thin lips more. To avoid this, line your lips with a lip liner (a little over the edge) and then fill in with a soft and neutral shade.

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Too much blush

Blush can make you look alive and gives a youthful look instantly. However, too much blush can make you look clownish and even add years to your face. So, choose a shade which flatters your skin tone and is compatible with your lip color. Make sure to apply it in an upward sweep which would give the appearance of a taut and slim face.

Only applying kajal on the lower lid

Our bottom lash line is the deal breaker. Different eyes and face shapes require different make-up techniques. If kajal on the lower lash line looked cool in college, it won’t necessarily look good when you’re 40. The heavy liner can make your eyes look smaller, highlight the fine lines and make you look older than you are. Avoid this by keeping lash line light. A brown eyeshadow applied with a thin brush would give you the same satisfaction as the kohl but without the aging effect.

Going heavy on shimmer

There is no age limit to use metallic or shimmery eyeshadows, the only problem is the pigment. It can settle into the fine line and wrinkles around your eyes which would ruin your look. Switch to matte or satin finish eyeshadow preferably in a powder base. This will ensure that the eyeshadow glides on smoothly and doesn’t crease up. Also, the days you feel like going for a metallic or shimmery eyeshadow, apply it in the center of your lid for a playful look.

Skipping the moisturiser

Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized will make a big difference to your face. If you provide a smooth, nourished base for your makeup, it will make you look younger as there won’t be any dry spots to take care of. Moisturized skin is the first and most basic step to a youthful you.

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