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Basic Difference Between Pop-Up and Pop-Under Ads Nigerian Advertisers Need To Know!

You may be familiar with pop-up ads because they’re always very visible when you open a page online. Though you may not be used to the word ‘pop-under ad’ you may have been seeing it often when you go online not knowing what it is called. Well, the two concepts – pop-up and pop-under ads’ have basic difference which you need to know. The basic similarity is that bot of them pop out but one pops up (in front of page) while the other pops under (secretly behind the page).

A pop-up ad appears in front of the page you are viewing while a pop-under ad appears under the page you are currently viewing. You only see it after closing the current page.

A pop under ad is an ad that appears in a new browser when the current browser has been closed. Unlike the pop up ad which appears in a current browser window and lingers for some time, pop under ads appear ‘under’ or behind the current browser in an entirely new browser and only show when you close the browser you were working on, that is the current browser.

Pop-up ad sample

The pop-under ad could be described as the opposite of the pop-up ad. They almost operate the same way as regular popups but in opposite directions. The main difference is that while pop-up adds ‘pop up’ on your browser, pop-under ads also ‘pop-up’ but they do this secretly behind your browser, hence the name pop-under ads.  They will appear secretly behind your browser window instead of in front of it. So, they pop out also but instead of popping up, they pop under. While pop-up ads are often shown (and closed) instantly, pop-under ads linger behind the current browser window, appearing only after other windows have been closed.

Pop Under Ad sample

Pop-up ads are also called pop ups while pop-under ads are also called pop unders. Both of them are forms of online advertising focused on attracting Web traffic. They are usually generated in a new browser window just that while pop ups are generated on a current browser you are viewing, pop unders are generated on a new browser that appears under the current browser you are viewing.

One major advantage of pop under ads is that they do not interrupt the user while surfing the web. They often appear after the current browser has been closed. The user does not feel irritated that way. Some users find pop-Up ads irritating because they could even spread on whole the computer screen. A study showed the majority of the users shut down those popups without even reading them. So the best part of Pop-under ads that they do not interrupt the user surfing the web. Of times, they will remain hidden until the user closes or minimizes the main or current browser window. So when the user eventually has time to look at the pop-under ad, there’s a greater chance it will catch his attention. Many scientific researches on the field of digital marketing have revealed that users respond better to Pop-under ads rather than popup ads because of this difference.

Advertisers in Nigeria and other parts of the world usual combine both pop up and pop under advertising techniques to achieve maximum results.

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