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Ban on Indecent Dressing in UNIJOS: Is this the Solution to Indecent Dressing in Tertiary Institutions?


So which one is indecent dressing since this type (girl in the middle) is common on campuses? (Pix credit: Futogbedu)

Following the ban on indecent dressing by the management of the University of Jos, concerned members of the public are asking how an institution can determine what constitutes indecent dressing. It could be recalled that the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, Prof. Sebastian Maimako, had on Wednesday, May 3, instructed security agencies in the university to arrest any student whose dressing assaulted the sensibilities of the members of the university community. Prof. Maimako said this during the matriculation ceremony of the institution. The question is what kind of dressing “assaults the sensibilities of the public?”

This question comes because UNIJOS is not the first institution to ban indecent dressing and neither is it the first to instruct security agencies to stop students from entering the university campus if they dressed indecently. Yet what we see on campuses as dress code is disturbing. What could be described as indecent dressing? Do you think using security people to tackle indecent dressing is the solution?

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  1. indecent dressing for me can not stop in d university fully because student lyk latest fashion

  2. indecent dressing in the world today is an everyday fashion,so am not sure it can be stopped that easily

  3. Its appalling to still find those whose morals are still discouraging. Indecent dressing shows the kind of personality in which an individual possesses, proper punishment and sanctions should be looked upon in oder to abolish such misbehavior.
    Group number: 15
    Quiz number: 20

  4. chisom Janefrances

    firstly we have to know what is indecent dressing, the cause and solutions to stop our youths in wearing indecent dressing.
    indecent dressing is a social malady in the society today especially our youths(male n female) indecent dressing simply means deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public.indecent dressing does not conform to the norms and values of the society especially African society.indecent dressing is one of major cause of various assaults and sexual harassment recorded in our society.
    nowadays u wil see ladies wearing half naked clothes in the name of fashion even to our able young boys fix hairs,pierce ear making which make them look like hardened criminals. the major factors contributing to this problems are the society,peer groups and mostly our parents.parents are not suppose to be the major reasons but nowadays you wil see a parents encourage their children in buying those clothes. also there are so many ways indecent dressing can be reduce in our society or institutions. parents should dress decently and acts as a model to their children,also religious should help to promote the culture of decent dressing.
    dress codes should be introduced in higher institutions and given to the students. mass media should also do more to promote decency among our youths and there should be a campus guard that will help to check the dressing pattern of the students.
    Hakuna Matata….

  5. I think seminars should be held more often on morals where indecent dressing would be brought to light to the students to understand reasons why the should dress decently and the implications of indecent dressing. violence is not the answer to indecent dressing.

  6. Most of this indecent dressing today is caused by ladies. It is bad to expose your body in the name of fashion. Federal poly Nekede Owerri Imo State was able to ban indecent dressing not only in attending lectures but also applicable in going to withdraw money from the ATM inside school just because of the commitment their security men put in making the school a better place to study.. So indecent dressing can be stop. Back then In my formal school security men always stop student from entering the school premises mostly on exam day which made students to dress decently to school… Indecent dressing has caused nothing but havoc in the lives of our men…

  7. indecent dressing for me can not stop fully in nigeria institutions bcoz students of nowadays like latest dressing(lasgos group 15b)emeka james(24

  8. If a university creates a rule that goes against indecent dressing,,, that’s fine,but based on my perspective, an individual shouldn’t be condemned because of how he or she dress.(29)

  9. Indecent dressing is commonly seen in girls because they want to look attractive for boys to chyke them.

  10. There must surely be an indecent dressing as far girls are concerned because all girls want to look attractive and lovely

  11. Indecent dressing can only be solved by concientising the public or students on the consequences of it. And to find a lasting solution to cultural imperialism especially in Africa either through the local media (create a program that will exhibit our cultural code of dressing and it’s beauty.) organise a seminar,publish pamphlets that will be available to each student.

  12. indecent dressing is so bad .Well Students can’t stop it because It’s their everyday fashion(15b)qu.23

  13. To mean indence dressing is not good because it makes student to look like a mad person and also make the person to know where the type of family comes from and seminars should be held to difference school for the student
    quiz no (21)
    group no(15b)

  14. Benjamin David

    indecent dressing cant be stopped fully in Nigerian institutions because most students take it to be fashion… i think the best thing to do is to place a law on it and the punishment if disobeyed.. benjamin David quiz no:106


    I don’t think indecent dressing can be stop using security people because if the security don’t inside the campus that’s good but will the security follow them to their homes and other places…….. I think seminars should be conducted on the dangers of indecent dressing (this can only limit the rate of indecent dressing)
    quiz no 32
    group no 15

  16. indecent dressing can be stopped in tertiary institutions if the student are guided In the way they dress especially ladies because the way you dress that’s how he/she will address so violence is not the solution(09)

  17. For starters indecent dressing can not be stopped especially in the University because some take it as fashion and resigning things one’s u are not dressing that way you don’t know fashion and you are not among the latex babe’s or whatever so in a university students will still do what the want to do even with securities around some are just influenced with others and friends, some came from good and decent home’s but still got influenced by friend’s
    Quiz number :18
    Reg number: 2016054049
    Group number :15 A

  18. I think security is not the best way to stop indecent dressing because some are influenced by friend’s and bad peers
    Quiz number :16
    Group number :15 A

  19. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    Indecent dressing make student look half naked, securities can b a helping hand to d institution about dat ,and also dere suppose to have a rule guiding dix ,wic will make d student to avoid it

  20. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    Indecent dressing make student look half naked, securities can b a helping hand to d institution about dat ,and also dere suppose to have a rule guiding dix ,wic will make d student to avoid it

  21. seminar or no seminar,talk show or not.youth of this days have a great taste for indecent dressing all in the name of fashion.stopping its might be difficult because the more you try to stop its the more this so called fashion are coming in.
    group 15
    quiz no 27

  22. Edochie Vivian kc

    It is really discouraging seeing students half naked in the name of fashion I think seminars should be held more expecially primary and secondary schools

  23. Chukwunedu Nkechi Fransisca

    Indecent dressing is rampant in Nigeria institution today.Everybody wants to feel among not minding if they go out naked and this is very disturbing. Security guards should stop any student dressed improperly. Even guys now go out piercing, keeping tattoo and even dragging their trousers down all in the name of fashion. Lecturers shouldn’t let anyone dressed indecently into the their classes. Orientations should be held and punishment should be given to any one caught in this act
    Quiz no:22
    Reg no:2016054002
    Group no:15

  24. okonkwo chukwunonso victor 2016054090 (Q3)

    indecent dressing in university can not be stop by use security agencies to tackle the indecent dressing student put on,like the say charity begin at home when students enter the four wall of the university they we like to behave as they like but students will well behave character will never dress indecent.

  25. I think indecent dressing is not a major problem in the country and security agencies tackling the issue is not an appropriate approach on the issue because of the harassment of students, most especially female students.

  26. Indecent dressing in Nigerian campuses is one of d major problem in Nigerian universities. I can boldly say that this problem not only lies in Nigerian institutions of learning but is also common in campuses around the world. Talking about using registered security operatives to tackle the situation, we can by now see that it has not always been a success. Parental responsibility has to come in. You observe that most parents tend to neglect or overlook whatever there children(female) wear out. They tend to be comfortable with what they wear, under the canopy of “the civilized era,” and in such cases, this female students see nothing wrong with it. Also most female students live a different aspect of life in school, different from what it is like at home trying to belong. To cut the long story short, it is said that charity begins at home, and as such parental gromming entails that you groom your child to represent his/her self as a responsible member of the society.
    However, parents should serve as the basis to tackle indecent dressing in the society.

  27. Akukalia Louis

    yes indeed , indecent dressing can’t be stopped in universities because the world is a civilised world now which we are in the 21st century ,still we have to look up to that we are Africans which we have cultural norms not the white people who dress anyhow … a responsible parent won’t allow his or her child to dress indecently,so what u don’t do at home u don’t do it outside because of the name ure in university that’s not proper and the board should look down to the issue…..
    group 15 A

  28. Indicent dressing has become a normal dressing for girls of nowadays,buh I think using security people to tackle it will b d best
    Group 15b
    Quiz no 23

  29. indecent dressing is versatile in universities this days, it’s shows how u are trained and immorality. this is one of the major cases of rape in the University, the vice chancellor of uni jos have taken precautions so as other Universities v. c should follow his footstep group (15) no(14)

  30. indecent dressing is now seen in most girls all in the name of fashion, this makes them go half naked and immoral in the society

  31. chukwuemerie uduji

    One of the major facilitators of
    indecent & immodest dressing is the fact that some parents don’t start on time to let their wards especially the female folk know its dangers and repercussions.

    This could lead to rape,molestation etc…using security agencies to tackle the issue might not be the total antidote to curb indecent dressing but will go a long way in curbing it…

    lags group


  32. Arresting of students because of indecent dressing won’t help matters.

    Seminars, cautions should be taken.

  33. do one need to go backed to be attractive, do you need to dress like Jezebel for you to be outstanding, do you need to join the sagging boys to feel belong??? No! our moral values must be restored. it is now too difficult to differentiate prostitutes from ladies in provocative wears. guys now deliberately pool their trousers to the middle of their bottom to show one dirty boxer/ pant. it can be curbed if the rules are enforced.

  34. a stitch in time saves nine, if nothing is done now, the forth coming generation will be worst than this. I advice uniforms be introduced to campuses because after graduating, some serves with uniform, some work in organization where they are mandated to wear uniform and some join the military where uniform is compulsory. it is not absurd at all.

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