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Baka Pygmies Of Cameroon! How The Bad News Of A French Logging Company Became Their Good News (Features)

The indigenous Baka Pigmies constitute one colony in Cameroon whose ethnic presence is still largely undiluted by modern development incursions. This unique ethnic group had lived in the forests of southern Cameroon for several years. But they have been experiencing gradual eviction from their natural home for the past 60 years due to the exploitation of the forest by logging companies. This exploitation has pushed the Pygmies ever further away from their ancestral grounds. That has been long term bad news for the pygmies.

Suddenly that nightmarish eviction is beginning to turn around because the bad news which recently befell their “oppressors” is now good news for the pygmies.
News came in mid-March that one of the major players in the logging industry – the French company Rougier – had filed for bankruptcy. The meant that the company couldn’t continue doing logging business or put in another way, the company couldn’t continue evicting the Cameroon Baka Pygmies from their ancestral homes. This is great for the Pygmies community as they now hope they can live in harmony with the forest once again.

You may be wondering why the pygmies are jubilating over the misfortune of a company. Now check these facts; over 20,000 hectares of virgin forest in Cameroon where the pygmies live, disappear every year due to logging. This forces the indigenous Baka pygmies out of the jungle they rely on for survival. Having lost their home and random of survival they’re often forced to try to make a living performing menial tasks for low pay by the roadside. This leads to frustrations which has forced increasing numbers of pygmies to fall into alcohol and substance abuse. They adopt a lifestyle alien to their rich, vintage, natural culture due to disappearance of the forests which leads to eviction into strange environment.

The video below is a well packaged feature piece on the Baka Pygmies of Cameroon, with special focus on the activities of logging company in the forests of that country. What does filing of bankruptcy by the French company mean to the pygmies? Watch the interesting video below packaged by France24. Very informative piece you shouldn’t miss.

Source: France24


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  4. the French logging company deserves the bankruptcy for exploiting the baka Pygmies of Cameroon.

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