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Artificial Fish Spawning! How To Easily Do This At Home

Artificial fish spawning

Artificial fish spawning is a process of fish fertilization that is done by fish farmers. The natural fertilization takes place in the wild, that is, at the stream or river where fish engage in fertilization naturally.

Induced breeding is involved in artificial fish spawning. A mature female fish is injected with hormones in order to provoke ovulation, mating and spawning process. The hormone is injected into the fish using a sterile syringe and hypodermic middle. Injected hormones induce ovulation which is the process of producing eggs ready for fertilization with semen from the male fish.

artificial fish spawning

artificial fish breeding

Here we used injection of hormones into the fish to provoke ovulation and immediately we noticed that the ovulation process had completed we squeezed out the eggs from the female fish into a small container where we mixed the semen and the eggs to bring about the fertilization process.

artificial fish fertilization

I tried out artificial fish spawning with a fish farmer in Owerri, Imo state and the experience was fantastic. Watch this video and see the process of artificial fish breeding which you can use to grow your own fish pond.

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