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Are you sure?!!! Classy Boys Pour Andre` on themselves After their last exam

Popopopooo..popooo Andre`!!!!!

With so many students finishing their final exams in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu  University (COOU) and having their friends bath them with water in broad day light, some other boys chose to celebrate in an exceptional way.

The management of the University prohibited the pouring of water withing the school premises after final exams so some boys chose to pour themselves something classy….. Andre`. Yes the expensive wine, in fact 2 cartons of Andre` were spilled on the boys, probably to show how they valued the degree they just bagged. As they did so a crowd gathered to watch the unbelievable bathing of human beings with the expensive wine.

So what is your take on this?

The classy boys making Andre` look ordinary to celebrate their degree

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  1. Well,I have nothing to say since they decided to make their days more memorable by pouring Andre on themselves. Even if I have any thing to say I would rather say that the end justifies the means. So let’s cross our fingers and watch what the actual outcome will be.

  2. wao,this is very surprising ,how can someone waste this kind of money in this hard time…..Kudos to the men of goodwill



  4. ??? in this recession… They will soon enter the real world.. One can’t be wasting money like that

  5. Nnanyelugo karen

    Lol….final year students of Coou went on a celebration spree…
    It has always been the norm of most higher institutions in Nigeria that students celebrate after writing their final papers, the jubilating students spiced up the celebration by pouring each other André wine.
    It was a funny sight tho lol
    Ezeifeka Emmanuella come and see something oooo

  6. Pouring of Andre is good ooo.. .until u realise u have pending results…it’s their body that will tell them

  7. To me its very fun,but wasting drinks like that is not a good one.

  8. Nothing to say. I ain’t wearing their shoes.

  9. chisom Janefrances

    this one is just a small celebration what of some final year student spreading money along Ukwulu

  10. Nice one. If you have the money spend it.

  11. chikaogwu Chioma

    wow… nice way of expressing happiness though times are though… enjoy when you can

  12. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Congratulations… Is not easy

  13. They are just expressing their happiness and joy… It’s not easy to tell you the truth… Writing your final paper in good health and stable mind… So if they have the money let them spend… Even though some will still come back

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