Friday , September 22 2023

Another Suicide Attempt: Man Jumps into Well in Lagos

You see what we were discussing the other day about the “jumping into water” approach to suicide in Nigeria? Another suicide attempt was averted in Lagos yesterday when a yet to be identified 45-year-old man jumped into a 116 feet well at a residence in Kujore street in the Ojota area of Lagos state. Again people around screamed for help and men of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) who were alerted, arrived the scene and rescued the man alive from the well. He only sustained a fracture on his hand. Reasons for the attempted suicide are not yet known. Would you really like to know?

Just a few days ago it was a student of Federal University of Technology (FUTO) Owerri. Yesterday it was a man in Lagos. What is with water and suicide?

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  1. Only a fool commits suicide!

  2. nwangene. onyema

    this suicide attempt are becoming too much in Nigeria lately…

  3. nwangene. onyema

    this suicide attempts are becoming too much in Nigeria lately…

  4. chisom Janefrances

    suicide again ooooo
    this is becoming too much.

  5. Hmmmm. This is getting out of hand oooo

  6. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    I don’t blame the man,the frustration is too much for him to bear so he just wanted to end it once and for all by killing himself. some people have suffered so much in this our country. corruption is everywhere!!!. Only God can save us……

  7. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Nawa o this suicide of a thing is really getting out of hand

  8. In as much as Nigeria is more like a GLORIFIED SECONDARY if am to use that term, it shouldn’t be enough reason for MAN to take his own life…. I see that as being selfish, what happens to your family wife and kids? Suicide isn’t the best option in this situation. Just some days back a truck pusher won N48m in betnija or so, I believe this guy has lost all hope buh yet he kept pushing on till God remembered him….. No matter how frustrated a MAN is suicide isn’t the option. God can bless any body. Maybe not today buh definitely!!

  9. chiobi Chidimma A

    Hmmmmmm another tragedy has happened again God intervene on our behalf …….


    Nawa ooo!

  11. The very idea that someone wants to die is frightening. As a result, suicide is not an easy topic to discuss and It’s clear that it is usually not just one thing that compels someone to feel is a combination of a lot of things, including:
    deep depression
    hopelessness. More than anything, I believe these people are hurting so badly and want nothing more than for the pain to end. Unfortunately,they cannot imagine the pain ever going away. They cannot see the light at the end of the very dark and lonely tunnel they have found themselves traveling down.

    It is not uncommon for a person’s circumstances to cause someone to think negatively about themselves. Often times, people consider suicide because they are unable to find any reason to make living worthwhile. They think their problems are unsolvable and they feel completely out of control. I believe first and foremost, hopelessness is a serious spiritual problem rooted in lies and faulty thinking. Anytime you believe lies about yourself or circumstances, you are listening to the wrong voice.

    Its such a complex and individual matter. Impossible to reliably predict, no good evidence for any effective treatment thats if any is giving and The suggestions for prevention sound good but don’t seem to work..Numbers continued to increase..well we Nigerians knows very well our problem and untill it’s well address victims like this will likely keep popping up as news headline.#A silent prayer for ppl going through hard time.only God can save.

  12. udorji ozioma yvonne

    another suicide again is quick unfortunate

  13. udorji ozioma yvonne

    another suicide again is quite unfortunate

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