Tuesday , May 24 2022

Annoying Confession! “I’m not a ritual killer, I only killed the 8-yr-old girl after raping her”– UNIPORT Ritual Killer Ifeanyi Dike laments

High-profile ritual killer and Student of University of Port Harcourt, Ifeanyi Dike who was recently re-arrested in Jos, Plateau State after escaping from the Rivers State Criminal Investigation Departement (CID), has revealed how he managed to get to Jos. Dike had murdered and raped an 8-year-old girl. He cut-off her vital organs for ritual purposes. But he has just denied being a ritualist.

Speaking to newsmen, Ifeanyi said he traveled to Jos from Port Harcourt through a trailer that loaded goods to Jos.


He said;

“I came to Jos on August 21, 2017 because I was trying to run away from the alleged ritual offense I was said to have committed, but I am not a ritual killer.

I only had sex with the girl and cut off her body while trying to escape from the environment, but I am not a ritual killer.”

While speaking on why he was arrested trying to robbed a house in Barkin Ladi he said:

“I thought it was an abandoned house because I was looking for a place to hide so that people will not identify me, but unfortunately the owner was in the house and he raised alarm then I was arrested.”



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  1. This guy is a complete pyscho …. You not a ritualist , then why mutilate the poor girls member after raping her… It takes a pyscho to do that…anyways, happy roting away in jail where u belong…. Personally , i will advocate death sentence against for he is a threat to humanity

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