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Andrea Oduobi biography, education, career, marriage

There are several On-Air Personalities (OAPs) in Nigeria but very few belong in a captivating class made up of programme anchors who have very good skills required to keep their audience members loyal to their shows. These OAPs help their stations to survive the fierce competitive environment of the broadcasting industry in Nigeria with presentation styles that excite the audiences. One of such rare OAPs is Andrea Oduobi, a multi-talented voice-over actor, writer and public speaker with special interest in advocacy for the wellbeing of the Africa child.

Who is Andrea Odu-Obi?

Andrea Odu-obi Teke is charming OAP, actor, voice actor, public speaker, and girl child’s rights activist. She is an African Culture enthusiast among other passions. She is a graduate of International Relations from Espam Formation University Cotonu Republic of Benin.

Growing Up

Adrea’s childhood reflected her dream of ending up a personality in the broadcasting industry. According to her, “I was part of the Debating and Literary club in school; I was also the social prefect in my senior year. I was also chosen as the presenter of a TV show our school was hosting back in the day.” This shows that her life while growing up prepared her for a life that involved anchoring programmes and interacting with people on air. So she is really not new to interacting with large number of people in the public space.


Andre as she is fondly called, has worked with Osun state Broadcasting Corporation, Star Fm Ibadan, Petals Fm Ibadan, r2fm 92.9. She also worked with 32FM 94.9 Ibadan, from December 2017 to March 2019, where she hosted an inspiration programme, ‘Moonlight’. She presently works as a voice actor at Aleben Communication Limited.

Andre is versatile. She has anchored several major events, managed Product activation for some blue chips including power oil mother’s day event and many others, As a voice actor she has done voice overs for some media outfits and other establishments such as Qatar airways, Gti investment bank, MTN amongst others. She was once a TV host at Opadal Works Communications. This was when she worked as Tv host (Quiz master) for “Champ inter school quiz competition” for junior secondary schools in Nigeria. The progamme was aired on broadcast stations across the country.

As a model, Andrea has represented several fashion brands for look books and has also starred in TV commercials for top brands. She is also the pioneer of the radio show Andre and the girls a show that discuses topical issues surrounding the female folk while giving young aspiring female broadcasters an opportunity for expression.

Nickname “Humming Bird”

Adrea got her nickname “Humming bird” after her captivating voice thrilled some of her fans who began to refer to her by that name whenever they called on her phone-in programme. Before she knew what was happening she got stuck with that name. Here’s what she says about the origin of this nick name in an interview: “Well a certain day, two listeners called in while two others sent text messages and the names they referred to me as was the Humming bird. I am not one who likes nicknames so at first I refused it. When I noticed it became consistent then I throw out an open poll asking if I should adopt the name and majority said yes. I looked up the significance of the Humming Bird and it was the exact energy I give out on the air so that’s how the name came about.”

Toughest Moment on air

Adrea has come across diverse situations while on air but she used her interactional abilities to take care of such situations. One of her toughest moments on air was when she had to talk to a man who had called into her show to say he was about to commit suicide. She was thrown off balance but she ended up talking the man out of the plan. Here’s how Adrea described this situation in an interview: “The day a man was about to commit suicide and I got so exhausted trying to talk him out of it and the good part was months later he called back on the show to tell me he had a change of mind the words I spoke to him gave life and hope I would never forget that day.”

Personal Life

Adrea is among very few female celebrities in Nigeria who have effectively combined their profession and commitment to their family. She is married to a colleague in the industry, an OAP, Mr, Teke. She is dedicated to ensuring her home and private life are not made viral topics on social media for very wrong reasons, as has happened to a number female celebrities in the country. When asked whether her responsibility as a married woman affected her job or changed her in any way as an OAP, she said: Marriage is a beautiful thing but I won’t say it has changed me I would say it has taught me patience.” She added that her husband is also “a darling on Air”. “Oh my gosh, have you heard his voice? He is in the same industry, he knows the job so well and he knows his woman so well, she added.” Adrea said that her marital commitments contributed to her decision to quit her job with Thirty-Two FM, Ibadan.


Andrea loves good music, fashion, and style. She is a very hyperactive person who takes the good laugh very seriously. Andrea is known to be very passionate about the wellbeing of the Africa child. She is an inspirational OAP who is a role model to many young ladies in Nigeria.


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