Friday , September 22 2023

Anambra Man Insists On Sleeping In Dangerous Erosion Site Heading Towards His House Until FG Fixes The Problem

A man in Anambra State has insisted on staying in a dangerous erosion site until Federal Government sends their agencies to visit the area with a few to fixing the problem.

The unidentified man was spotted at an erosion site which had cut off a road close to Anambra State Secretariat complex and was heading towards near by residential areas which could be swallowed up anytime.

The young man was seen at the site on Friday, June 29, with a mat in the site initially looking worried. When people started gathering gradually they saw that he had a friend who was taking photographs of him as he lay in the erosion site. The man suddenly spread his mat and lay quietly on it waiting for the federal government to send relevant agencies to tackle the erosion menace.

No one knows whether he meant his threat to remain there as he will definitely look for shelter elsewhere when rain begins to fall.

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