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Amin Moussalli Biography, Media Empire, Family

Several personalities have made contributions to the development of modern broadcasting in Nigeria, especially with the establishment of radio and television stations with state-of-the-art facilities. These people expressed their passion for quality broadcasting through the ownership of stations that offer quality programmes and production to the public. One of these very few personalities is Amin Ibrahim Mousalli, who happens to be one of the leading media moguls in Nigeria.

Who is Amin Moussalli?

Amin Ibrahim Mousalli is a Labanese business man based in Nigeria. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aims Groups, an organization that specializes in construction and communications businesses. He is an Engineer and Architect. He is also the founder of Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info FM, and Cool FM. These are among the leading radio stations in Nigeria.

Coming to Nigeria

Mousalli was born in Lebanon but he immigrated to the States with his family.  His grandfather is from Monsul, Northern Iraq while his father was born in Palestine. His wife’s grandfather immigrated to Nigeria from Lebanon in 1886 and settled with his family. Mousalli came to Nigeria from the United States of America in 1976 when his wife wanted to spend Christmas with her parents. After his experience he decided to settle in Nigeria with his family. He and his wife are naturalized citizens of Nigeria.

About AIM Group

Mousalli’s AIM Group is among the most versatile firms in Nigeria with interests in construction, engineering designs, communications, and many more. The company began as a consultancy company with construction projects Abuja and other jobs across the country. Mousalli has always had special passion for broadcasting but it was not until 1992 that AIM Group acquired license to operate a radio station in 1992. They started with Cool FM and later Wazobia FM before later establishing Nigeria Info FM.

His Media Empire

Moussalli is one of the biggest media owners in Nigeria, having established stations that are among the most dominant in Nigeria’s broadcast industry.  He is the owner of four very popular radio stations in Nigeria – Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info FM, and Arewa Radio. He also owns two television stations – Cool TV and Wazobia TV. The media empire also includes an internet radio.

Cool FM is a Lagos-based English speaking radio station with frequencies across 4 of the 6 Geo-Political zones in Nigeria. It operates Cool TV and online radio. It is among the most-sought after radio stations by adults in Nigeria. The station was founded in 1998. It is noted for some unique achievements in the broadcasting industry, one of which was the hosting of an interview with high-profile American rapper, Cardi B in 2019 while she was on her first tour of Africa, performing in both Nigeria and Ghana.

Wazobia FM is a Nigerian Pidgin English radio station founded in 2007. It is renowned for its humorous approach to broadcasting using Pidgin English. The station airs a mixture of news, features, sport, music (from popular Nigerian music, hip hop, highlife to world music and reggae), talk shows, topical issues and interviews. It is station that makes Moussalli’s media empire unique with variety of offers.

Nigeria Info FM is another very vibrant radio station based in with headquarters in Lagos. It was established in 2011. It is popularly referred to as News, Talk and Sports radio station, with a very huge audience base across Nigeria where it is received. This station is well sought-after by audience members across various segments of Nigeria due to its special programming focus on news (national and international), sports coverage, current affairs and information.

Arewa Radio is another unique addition to Moussalli’s media group. It was established in 2016. Arewa Radio (93.1) is the first fully Hausa news radio station in established in Kano State.

Moussalli also has Wazobia TV and Cool TV which went live on the October 1, 2014, though the project aimed at establishing the television stations began in 2012. His radio stations have branches in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Kano, including their head quarters in Lagos.

Awards/ Recognition

Mousalli has been records on various occasions for his outstanding contributions to the broadcast industry in Nigeria. He was one of the recipients of the Nigerian National award in 2014. He was also honored in 2012 with the Life Time Achievement Award for his organizations’ contributions to the development of the electronic industry in Nigeria.


Moussalli has definitely made a made in the history of Nigerian broadcasting with the establishment of vibrant and digital radio and television stations. His passion for broadcasting is reflected in the level of dedication he shows in the day-to-day running of his media establishments. Moussalli is an inspiration to Nigerians who have interest to become successful media owners in the nation’s broadcasting industry.

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    I was searching from my father and ended up reading this info because his name is Ibrahim Amin Moussalli. I must say …..rare are the right-ups that are made without bias rather straight to the point and honestly I congratulate you for straight info, however though every man , by and large , follows his wife because gencives are the girls visit their mothers more than their husbands visit their mothers. But one thing is important in life like my father used to tell me and my two brothers [who migrated to france and my late mother] is his famous equation; I guess from his business degree studies and maybe mainly experience that life according to him is an equation, namely A = B + Z + Y where A represents hard work and weighted 80%, Z Luck 10% & Y Destiny 10%. In my Y my father in law Fouad Elias Raad took me that Xmas of 1975 period took me and Saada my wife to Visit General Murtalla Mohammed ,who told Saada, I want you to come back because as an architect you can contribute to my dream in building a new capital and Amin will follow you because he will have more work as an engineer. So, this made to return to Nigeria [ because I had to complete my 2 master s degrees in me h and civil which was for us a calculated target to open an integrated A&E office] and we were from the early settlers in abuja where we had to buy an old caravan to unite my wife s needs because i was a Boy Scout easy going . So B is my luck , trust me 10% and meeting the General is another 10%, whereas hard work, I must stat everybody knows I slept after 43 hours remaining awake working on engineering consultancy matters Thursday/Friday . I am Happy to be locked at the apartment working and we have the compound gym, it’s ok, and I am surely lucky for my two daughters who unfortunately some people complain that I tele-guided them to study Arch & Engr and They came back home of course after working outside. I am happy the elder passed me attending the highest university MIT and 2 masters Degree and my cadette her Architectural Degree at USC is higher than saada’s from Texas A & M [though referred to as the Bush university] where I attended after AUB. Now on a serious note I am only involved when contracting for broadcasting jobs but TV is run by Tatiana my elder daughter who assists in AIM ,though if you see what she did for lagos state free your brain will shake, along with her Group a first Class covid-19 at landmark. …sorry for any typo …i need to go back to my work

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