Amazing! Thaddeus Eze, COOU Graduate Becomes Senior Lecturer In Three Years At Highly-Rated UK University

Dr. Thaddeus Eze

When you hear stories about people you’re sure will definitely become great in the nearest future, you would love to know more about them. In the Western world, two persons can get into the academic system the same day; it could take one of them just four or five years to become a Senior Lecturer and take the other 30 years. Those who understand the University system abroad know that what counts is your effort and ability to excel against odds, not automatic promotion to next level after three years as obtains in Nigeria. One guy has done the unbelievable based on his hard work and passion for excellence. Checkout this story.

Dr. Onyinye Thaddeus Eze is a 2004 graduate of Anambra State University (now Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU), Nigeria. He had a BSc (Upper 2nd Class) in Computer Science.
Thaddeus did not relax at all after his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. He got a Diploma in Computer Networking and Management (with distinction) in 2006. That was when his eyes automatically switched focus to the bigger picture. He then left the shores of Nigeria for further studies.
Thaddeus obtained his MSc (with distinction) in Mobile Computing and Communications in 2010 and his PhD in Trustworthy Autonomic Computing in 2014, both from the University of Greenwich, London. He is the very first graduate of COOU to obtain a Ph.D anywhere in the world. This is a confirmed fact.
He is teaching cybersecurity modules at both undergraduate and masters levels at the University of Chester. Modules include Ethical Hacking, Cyber Concepts and Techniques, Business Implications of Cybersecurity, Cryptography and Security, Foundations of Cyber Security, and Digital Forensics and Penetration Testing. He has also taught on the Work Based Learning module.

Thaddeus is currently the Postgraduate Assessment Officer for the Computer Science department.
We are talking about University of Chester, one of the leading Universities in the world. This is a University that was founded in 1839, one of the oldest higher education institutions in the country. This is a University that, in just the last ten years, has invested over £140 million in its campuses and sites to ensure students are taught in high quality learning facilities.
This is a University that was awarded a Silver rating in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework, declaring it a high quality provider of higher education. That is where Dr. Thaddeus Onyinye Eze is conquering academic territories.
When you read this guy’s profile and see his unbelievably, upwardly mobile academic status you would really be proud to have passed through COOU where such a rare brain began the journey to greatness.

Thaddeus has written the name of COOU in gold whenever you talk of great achievements by Nigerians in the UK. To become a Senior Lecturer in just three years from the scratch, in the University of Chester, is what can only be achieved by someone whose natural habitat is characterized by ingenuity.
I hear you saying I’m proud to have graduated from COOU. I agree with you too. Believe me, with the stories we’re getting from the academic community in UK, this guy is truly great. How else can you rate him? If he were to be a leader in the Western world, he can only be Donald Trump; if he were to be a communist, this guy can only be Kim Jung-Un. If you’re looking for him in the music industry, then he should be Kanye West. He is just at the top of the pecking order from any angle you access his worth.
But most importantly, he is Thaddeus Onyinye Eze, the pride of COOU. That’s how we want to see him.

Great work Thaddeus! Keep the flag flying!!!

The Author

Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. Great work Thaddeus, great reporting,great job Dr. Chinenye NWABUEZE; iron sharpeneth iron, the deep calls unto the deep, the growling of the lion resonates in corresponding growls from its kind;all to the glory of COOU, the Nigerian State and the universal edification of academics. Big congratulations!

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