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AMAZING! Dog Learns to Walk Like a Human After Losing Leg in Accident (Videos)

A 6-year-old Brittany Spaniel dog named Dexter has learnt how to walk only on his hind legs, after losing one of his front legs in a car accident.

It was gathered that the dog had the accident when he was about to turn 1-year-old.

Dexter had broken out of his owners’ yard in Ouray, Colorado to follow a scent.

He was so focused on his goal that he didn’t know when he ran out in front of a moving van. Sadly, he got hit pretty badly.

Fortunately for him, he was found on time by his owner’s husband, Tim Pasek and was immediately taken to a vet.

Due to the accident, One of Dexter’s front legs was removed, and while the other leg was badly injured.

However, after a 45-minute procedure, Dexter’s life was saved.

With time, he adapted perfectly and learnt how to use his hind legs to get around, just like a human.

Sharing the dog’s story, Dexter’s owner, Kentee Pasek, told Newsweek;

“We took him 45 minutes to the vet, his vet saved his life.
After his first surgery and rehab at home, we found out the remaining leg was more injured than previously thought. During this time the front leg was not weight-bearing so Dexter taught himself to walk upright!”

On how he learnt how to walk, , Kentee revealed that it all started one day, two months after Dexter’s accident.

Dexter’s remaining front leg was severely harmed after the accident, so his owners got him custom wheels so he could get around more straightforward.

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He utilized them a bit from the start, but one day he got up on his hind legs once more.

His owners had taken him outside in the front yard and he shocked them by getting up on his hind legs and walking up onto the porch like a human.

Kentee and her better half were concerned that he may fall and damage himself once more but the reverse was the case.

Kentee Pasek said;

“My reaction was pure shock and disbelief I called the vet and it was decided Dexter was safer to walk upright if he wished without the wheels then to walk upright with them attached.”

The dog has been bipedal ever since. His ability to adapt and use his hind legs easily whenever he wants to move around fast has turned him into an online sensation.

Since Videos of the dog was posted by his owners to TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms, it has been receiving positive feedback.

However, some people expressed concern about the strain on the dog’s back and his hind legs.

Addressing the matter, Kentee pointed out that Dexter undergoes regular checkups.

She also revealed that the real concern is the remaining front leg, which is very weak and which also causes Dexter a lot of pain when the barometric pressure changes.

See some of their posts below;

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