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Amalgamation House: Lord Lugard’s Office In Ikot Abasi Now Looks Creepy (Video)

Amalgamation house Ikot Abasi

Lord Frederick Lugard is a name that will continue to remain evergreen for as long as Nigeria’ exists. This is the name of the Governor General of Nigeria who signed the document that officially announced the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria in 1914. He lived between 1858 to 1945. Lugard, who took office as governor of both protectorates in 1912, was responsible for overseeing the unification, and he became the first governor of the newly united territory. He established several central institutions to anchor the evolving unified structure.

Amalgamation house

The document for the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria was signed by Lugard in his office in Ikot Abasi, located in the present day Akwa Ibom state. His house was also opposite the office. That office is known today as the amalgamation house. Rural News tourism took us to Ikot Abasi to see what remains of the Amalgamation house. Looks a bit creepy but very nice experience.

Watch video;

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